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OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Tue 2011_09_06     (1)

This is a regular OOR Team meeting. Do pay special attention to the time of the call, as this is the first session on the newly adopted meeting slot (where we moved the Fridays starting 6:00am PDT / 9:00am EDT / 3:00pm CEST to Tuesdays starting at 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT / 5:30pm CEST.)     (1A)

... please refer to proceedings from the last team meeting at OOR/ConferenceCall_2011_08_05     (1B)

  • RSVP to appreciated, ... or simply just by adding yourself to the "Expected Attendee" list below (if you are a member of the team.)     (1C6)
  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1C8)

Attendees     (1E)

  • Expecting:     (1E2)
    • ... if you are coming to the meeting, please add your name above (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the community) above, or e-mail <> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. ...     (1E3A)

Agenda Ideas     (1F)

please insert any additional items below (along with your name for follow-up purposes)     (1F1)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1G)

1. Meeting called to order:     (1G4)

2. Roll Call:     (1G8)

3. Status Review and Discussion:     (1G11)

4. Key items for review and discussion today     (1G13)

Mike Dean: Issues/questions for next week's joint meeting     (1G13E)

Terry Longstreth: I will plan to attend next Tuesday     (1G13F)

Mike Bennett: I probably won't make it a I sometimes have a conflict at this time now.     (1G13G)

Mike Bennett: Modularity of ontologies - any requirements / constraints on this?     (1G13H)

Terry Longstreth: Old business I know but: status/influence of Metadata repository standard (ISO 19763)     (1G13I)

and New work item 17347?     (1G13J)

Peter P. Yim: @Terry - Michael Grüninger and John Bateman is working rolling out a joint     (1G13K)

IAOA-OOR-Ontolog mini-series on "Ontology Standards" - a session on ISO 19763 is     (1G13L)

one of the first ones they'll be featuring. As for ISO 17347, that is very new     (1G13M)

(just got adopted as a NWI (new work item)during the ISO meeting in Seoul, Korea     (1G13N)

you SueEllenWright's contact, she is the ISO/TC37/SC3 chair, where this work is     (1G13P)

going to take place.     (1G13Q)

Mike Dean: Like Mike Bennett, support for ontologies consisting of multiple modules/files     (1G13R)

(e.g. NASA SWEET has 200 modules)     (1G13S)

Mike Dean: How best to support a larger category hierarchy, user-defined categories, etc.     (1G13T)

Mike Bennett: Standardized use of element-level metadata i.e. the emerging consensus on what terms to     (1G13U)

use from DC, SKOS and so on; when and whether to add additional element metadata     (1G13V)

Mike Bennett: Consensus on how precisely to use OWL Annotation Properties for additional     (1G13W)

element-level metadata (provenance, labeling, additional logical information etc,)     (1G13X)

Mike Dean: Plans for federation     (1G13Y)

Ken Baclawski: Naming is always a big problem for federated systems. BioPortal assigns database     (1G13Z)

identifiers which is fine for a centralized repository but does not work well for     (1G13AA)

a federated system. We need a more flexible mechanism for assigning names/identifiers.     (1G13AB)

Ken Baclawski: Distributed reasoning capability: reasoning with a combination of ontologies that     (1G13AC)

are not all stored at the same site.     (1G13AD)

Peter P. Yim: now that we are "branching" instead of "forking" ... since Natasha Noy told us that NCBO     (1G13AE)

was thinking of moving their code repository to git (github, maybe?), we may want to     (1G13AF)

explore how we can best working off a shared repository to facilitate cross-contributions     (1G13AG)

in the future.     (1G13AH)

Peter P. Yim: how can we best handle support issues ... need support from the BioPortal team     (1G13AI)

... Notes below are from previous meeting(s), and will be updated as this meeting progresses.     (1G13AM)

  • status update on the OOR Logo quest     (1G13AN)
    • Peter: I'm behind on getting the voting mechanism in place, will work on it within this coming week     (1G13AN1)
    • will allow multiple votes from each voter, to be split between their choices     (1G13AN2)
  • Review status: the upgraded OOR_SandBox -     (1G13AO)
    • for now certain behaviors seem strange - Ken and Mike will look into the issues     (1G13AO1)
      • Ken: a lot of it is with the disabling of some hard coded portions (like the swf codes) now     (1G13AO1A)
    • "visualize" not working now ... Ken will try re-enabling access to U of Victoria (which serves the visualization)     (1G13AO2)
  • updating "categories"     (1G13AP)
    • Peter: the ICOM people suggests adding the categories of "standards" and "collaboration" (the latter probably belongs under "Cultural"     (1G13AP1)
    • Mike: something like Dublin Core should go under "metadata" - we are adding this category, "process" too     (1G13AP2)
    • one can select multiple categories by doing a "ctrl-click" (or "cmd" for Mac users)     (1G13AP4)
    • Ken: the software stores "categories" in an OMV ontology, and support a hierarchy of nested categories     (1G13AP5)
    • All: we probably want to leave it simple (one level) and support "addition of categories" on demand     (1G13AP6)
    • Todd: For some categories, e.g., science, subcategories will be needed. Since the provided listing is linear, subcategories could be listed as pairs or triples: Science, Science - Biology, Science-Physics, Science-Physics-Gravitation, etc.     (1G13AP7)
    • Leo: we might consider adopting some standard categorization, like what the Library of Congress has put out (maybe not the entire hierarchy, but only the very upper level(s)     (1G13AP8)
  • soliciting content (ask people to upload their ontologies again)     (1G13AQ)
    • action planning     (1G13AR1)
      • we run (for now) 2 instances - a sandbox instance[1] on the OOR-01 vm, and an experimental instance[2] on the OOR-02 vm     (1G13AR1A)
        • [1] this will be a straight forward, and updated BioPortal code install, with customization only for: the logo, the IP / License statement, categories.     (1G13AR1A1)
        • [2] this will be the instance we use to continue the current work of further development in Architecture, API, metadata, CL support, etc.     (1G13AR1A2)
        • consensus: both instances would use the same database (so ontologies uploaded are accessible by both instances, and are obviously "in sync" ... saving us the need to "import" as we ad discussed at the last meeting)     (1G13AR1A3)
      • Peter: the next things to push is to have "gatekeeping" in place so we can stand up a "production" OOR     (1G13AR1B)
    • scheduling meeting with the NCBO team     (1G13AR2)
      • candidate dates Sep-20 or 27 Tuesdays 8:30am PT ... Peter will ping Mark Musen et al.     (1G13AR2A)
  • OOR or joint OOR events planning, for the Fall and beyond     (1G13AS)
  • Revisiting regular meeting time (day-of-week, and starting-time)     (1G13AT)

(unless specifically addressed) items below are from the previous meeting(s) and will be updated as we proceed with this meeting.     (1G13AU)

4. Member activities updates:     (1G13AAF)

they'd like to see     (1G13AAH)

5. Funding progress:     (1G13AAJ)

6. Any Other Business:     (1G13AAK)

7. Action items:     (1G13AAL)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:     (1G13AAM)

  • Next Meeting:     (1G13AAN)
    • do we break for the rest of August? ... seems like a lot of people are either on vacation or traveling (our friends from Europe, especially)     (1G13AAN1)
    • revisiting the regular meeting date/time - Fridays 6:00am PDT still good for everyone?     (1G13AAN2)
      • let's move our weekly meetings to Tuesdays 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT / 5:30pm CET ... Peter will send a message to [oor-forum] to see if there are huge     (1G13AAN2A)
    • the next "Architecture & API - VII" workshop (championed by Ken Baclawski & ToddSchneider) is going to be Tue Sep-13     (1G13AAN3)
    • next regular OOR-team meeting will be (first Tue of Sep.) on Tue 2011.09.06 - 11:30am EDT / 8:30am PDT / 5:30pm CEST / 15:30 UTC - ref. worldclock (note: that Monday is Labor Day in the US)     (1G13AAN4)
    • Note: earlier resolution: all team members please (if possible) block out Fridays 1.5 Hr     (1G13AAN5)
    • ref. our doodle poll (see: ), looks like we can settle in on two new meeting times - a 6:00am PT (14:00 UTC) and an 8:30am PT (16:30 UTC) (or something in between) ...     (1G13AAN6)
    • [decision/2011.04.01] we will have an OOR team admin-planning meeting first Friday of every month; and use the other Fridays for workshops to move work forward     (1G13AAN7)

notes taken by: Peter P. Yim / 2011.09.06-9:35am PDT     (1G13AAQ)

All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.     (1G13AAR)

Resources     (1H)

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