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Ontology Summit 2022     (1)

The Ontology Summit is an annual series of events that involves the ontology community and communities related to each year's theme chosen for the summit. The Ontology Summit was started by Ontolog and NIST, and the program has been co-organized by Ontolog and NIST along with the co-sponsorship of other organizations that are supportive of the Summit goals and objectives.     (1A)

Description     (2)

The theme for the Ontology Summit 2022 will be selected from proposals from the Ontolog Community. Suggestions for themes can be added below:     (2A)

Ontology Summit Theme Suggestions     (2B)

  • Revisiting the 2007 Ontology Summit Challenge Janet Singer     (2B9)
    • Fifteen years on, what can we bring to answering this challenge from 2007?     (2B9A)
      • ”Our objective is to define and agree to a systematic means of categorizing the many kinds of things that fall broadly within the "ontology" spectrum. By doing so, the research, development and Internet communities would have a better way of comparing, combining and mapping ontologies to one another (apples to apples). The range of what people call "ontologies" covers folksonomies, taxonomies, thesauri, conceptual models, and formal logic-based models to name just a few flavors.”     (2B9A1)
    • The success at converging on the 3-part definition for knowledge graphs in the 2020 communiqué suggests an approach for resolving previously insurmountable issues.     (2B9B)
  • Attempt at creating an example of Topic and Tracks (Ravi Sharma)     (2B10)

Synthesis of few suggested topics in a theme     (2B11)

Purpose     (2C)

As part of Ontolog’s general advocacy to bring ontology science and engineering into the mainstream, we endeavor to abstract a conversational toolkit from the sessions that may facilitate discussion and knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders relevant to the topic. Our findings will be supported with examples from the various domains of interest. The results will be captured in the form of the Ontology Summit 2022 Communiqué, with expanded supporting material provided on the web and in journal articles.     (2C1)

Process and Deliverables     (3)

Similar to our last sixteen summits, this Ontology Summit 2022 will consist of virtual discourse (over our archived mailing lists), virtual presentations and panel sessions at recorded video conference calls.     (3A)

Meetings are at Noon US Eastern Time on Wednesdays.     (3B)

Schedule     (4)

  Track Session
ConferenceCall 2021 10 13 Planning
ConferenceCall 2021 10 20 Planning
ConferenceCall 2021 10 27 Planning
ConferenceCall 2021 11 03 Planning
ConferenceCall 2021 11 10 Planning
ConferenceCall 2021 11 17 Planning

Resources     (5)