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Mike Dean     (1)

Michael Dean     (1A)

August 7, 1961 - November 19, 2014     (1B)

Previously,     (1C)

Principal Scientist     (1D)

Raytheon BBN Technologies     (1E)

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.     (1F)

Among other roles, Mike was     (1G)

  • Co-convener of the Open Ontology Repository (OOR) initiative (est. 2008)     (1K)
  • a Member of the Steering Committee of the annual Conference on Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense and Security (STIDS) (since the steering committee's founding in 2010)     (1L)
    • the STIDS Conference organizers have established an annual "Michael Dean Best Paper Award" to reward the paper that best exemplifies the qualities that made Mike such a productive and respected member of the semantic technology community. See:     (1L1)

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