Ontolog Forum

Welcome to our "open dialog in ontology"!

The Ontolog Forum is an open, international, virtual community of practice devoted to advancing the field of ontology, ontological engineering and semantic technology, and advocating their adoption into mainstream applications and international standards.

What is an ontology?

If you want to learn about ontologies, many resources are available on this wiki and elsewhere:

Weekly Meeting

Most weeks we have a virtual meeting on Wednesday at Noon US Eastern Time. Conference call information is available on the meeting page for the particular week.

  • The format for the URL of a meeting page is

where "yyyy" is the year, "mm" is the month, and "dd" is the day of the month. For example, is the page for the meeting on 7 July 2021.

  • Most meetings are recorded. The video recordings, slide presentations and other resources are available via links on the meeting pages.
  • The document archives are stored on Amazon S3. Access requires credentials. These can be obtained on request from Ken Baclawski.


  • This is an OPEN, virtual Community of Practice, operated by the community itself.
  • Anyone who would like to participate and contribute in accordance with the Ontolog Forum Community Charter is welcome to join.
  • To join us, please send an email to the ONTOLOG Membership Chair.
    • Participation must be in conformance to the IPR Policy and Contribution Guidelines and Policy.
    • There is no fee or cost to participate.
    • All members should use their real names when posting to the forum or participating in a meeting.
    • All members should have a namesake page on this wiki so that others in the community can get to know them easily.
  • To update or to add content to this wiki, please request a wiki account by sending a request to the ONTOLOG Membership Chair.
  • The Ontolog Board of Trustees jointly oversee the activities of the Ontolog Community.
  • If you have questions, please send email to ONTOLOG Board of Trustees.