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OntoIOp (Ontology, Model and Specification Integration and Interoperability), an OMG Standard Development Initiative     (1)

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This page is now outdated. See the DOL page at     (1B)

Ontology Integration and Interoperability (OntoIOp)     (1C)

General Information     (1D)

  • OntoIOp aims at a meta language for the specification, relation and modularisation of logical theories, with particular emphasis on (formal) ontologies, models and specifications     (1D1)
  • A quick overview of OntoIOp's essential features (due to Michael Grüninger, 2011-10-06; rephrased by ChristophLange):     (1D2)
  1. heterogeneity (within logical theories)     (1D3)
  2. modularity (of logical theories, including the reuse of existing logical theories)     (1D4)
  3. mappings (between logical theories)     (1D5)
  4. annotation (of logical theories and their parts)     (1D6)

Request for proposal (RFP)     (1E)

The OMG RFP has been issued in December 2013. It can be found here.     (1E1)

Answer to the RFP and finalization     (1F)

The Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language (DOL) has been submitted as an answer to the RFP in December 2014. It has been approved in December 2015. Currently, DOL is being finalized by the Finalization Task Force (FTF).     (1F1)

How can I contribute?     (1G)

You can contribute in various ways:     (1G1)

Resources     (1I)

Restricted to working group members     (1I2)

Applications     (1J)

COLORE (Common Logic Repository)     (1J1)

COLORE is an open repository of first-order ontologies implemented in Common Logic. COLORE is self-contained and using one single logic, but it is ��distributed�� in its high modularity.     (1J1A)

Meta-theoretical relationships between the COLORE ontologies are of particular interest, including maps (signature morphisms), definitional extension, conservative extension, inconsistency between modules, imports, relative interpretation, faithful interpretation, and definable equivalence. DOL allows for formalizing them (as compared to the earlier approach of just writing them down as metadata) and makes them amenable to fully automated verification with tools such as Hets (Heterogeneous Tool Set).     (1J1B)

First mappings implemented in DOL can be found in the directories for OWL Time intervals and Periods.     (1J1C)

Ontohub, a DOL-enabled Ontology Repository Engine     (1J2)

The Ontohub repository engine (productive version, demo version with latest features, sources) supports many notions of DOL as first-class citizens:     (1J2A)

Publications (newest first)     (1K)

  1. Oliver Kutz, Till Mossakowski, Christian Galinski, ChristophLange. Towards a Standard for Heterogeneous Ontology Integration and Interoperability; in International Conference on Terminology, Language and Content Resources (LaRC), Seoul, Korea, June 2011. Proceedings (see from page 101)     (1K7)

The Team     (1L)

The list of people on the OntoIOp working group:     (1L1)

  1. Sue Ellen Wright (US) - (ISO/TC37/SC3 Chair)     (1L2)
  2. GottfriedHerzog (DE) - (ISO/TC37/SC3 Secretary)     (1L3)
  3. AndreasHoffmann (DE) (since 2013.07.17)     (1L4)
  4. Adrian Paschke (DE) (since 2013.07.17)     (1L5)
  5. AlanMelby (US)     (1L6)
  6. AntonioPareja (ES)     (1L7)
  7. BodilNistrupMadsen (DK)     (1L8)
  8. CarlaFreericks (DE)     (1L9)
  9. CatherineProtic (FR)     (1L11)
  10. ChangqingZHOU (CN)     (1L12)
  11. ChristopheRoche (FR)     (1L14)
  12. Christoph Lange (DE/UK) - (Assisting Project Leader)     (1L15)
  13. Conrad Bock (US) (since 2013.10.23)     (1L16)
  14. DanGillman (US)     (1L17)
  15. Davide Sottara (US) (since 2013.07.17)     (1L18)
  16. DougLawrence (UK)     (1L20)
  17. EdmundSkoviak (US) (since 2013.07.17)     (1L21)
  18. Elisa Kendall (US) (since 2013.07.17)     (1L22)
  19. Fabian Neuhaus (DE) (Co-Project Leader)     (1L23)
  20. FrankFarance (US)     (1L24)
  21. GerhardBudin (AT) {{     (1L26)
  22. GuadalupeAguado (ES)     (1L27)
  23. HanneErdmanThomsen (DK)     (1L28)
  24. MariaPozzi (MX)     (1L37)
  25. MelanieMaradan (UEA-Esperanto)     (1L39)
  26. Michael Grüninger (CA) - (Co-Project Leader)     (1L40)
  27. MichaelWagner (DE) (since 2013.07.17)     (1L41)
  28. MonteGeorge (US)     (1L42)
  29. Oliver Kutz (DE) - (Co-Project Leader)     (1L43)
  30. SebastianRudolph (DE)     (1L47)
  31. SylvieArbouy (FR)     (1L49)
  32. Tara Athan (US) (since 2013.08.16)     (1L50)
  33. Till Mossakowski (DE) - (Project Leader)     (1L52)
  34. YonghongCHENG (CN)     (1L54)

History (may be incomplete)     (1M)