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OpenOntologyRepository (OOR) Initiative - Active Member Contribution     (1)

Actual Contribution Made     (1A)

Potential Contribution     (1B)

Please describe below - existing work, technology, skills, use cases, other resources, ... etc.     (1B1)

that you (as individuals) or your institution (as co-sponsoring organizations) are potentially     (1B2)

bringing to the table, with respect to this OOR initiative.     (1B3)

What Individual Active Members may be bringing to the table     (1B4)

  • Farrukh Najmi - unfortunately, cannot be active on this project due to personal bandwidth limitations     (1B4G)
    • ebXML RegRep specification expertise. Willing to take all reasonable unmet requirements into account for RegRep 4 which is actively being developed     (1B4G1)
    • freebXML Registry open source implementation of ebXML RegRep     (1B4G2)
    • Willing to help deploy root OOR instance if technology aligns with my expertise and if the effort is funded by a sponsor.     (1B4G3)
    • see also - 2008.02.28: 4 - Farrukh Najmi - "ebXML RegRep as an OOR Server" - references:        (1B4G4)

Standardisation" we are working on an ontology-based architecture for controlling and mediating between services for a variety of groups of 'elderly' users. A requirement of this project is that it will be possible to add ontologies to an open repository; we will be exploring Wiki-like frontends with highpower logical tools behind. It will be good to bring together this work as it develops (website going online soon) and the OOR effort here.     (1B4J)

    • Though not strongly contributing to OOR yet, our Marine Metadata Interoperability project has started developing an ontology repository. We have use cases that are under development (see OOR use case page) and intend to stay connected to/integrated with OOR as much as we can.     (1B4K1)
    • We would be thrilled to be part of a proposal that helped meet our functional requirements and coupled us to the OOR vision.     (1B4K2)
    • NIH Proposal. I included support for OOR services in an NIH/NLM proposal "Enhancing Organism Based Disease Knowledge Via Name Based Taxonomic Intelligence" that was submitted on 2008.03.03 (PI: Neil Sarkar).     (1B4M1)
    • NSF Proposal. An OCI/STCI proposal was submitted to the NSF, but it was declined. It will be revised and resubmitted.     (1B4M2)
    • Requirements and Use Cases.     (1B4M3)
    • Gatekeeping. Maintaining quality, workflows for reviewing submissions, governance.     (1B4M4)
    • Please see the Linked Presentation by author that also includes Visual Example of Repository Architecture titled "Example of OOR Architecture [[DrRaviSharma]] Vangent.PPT" and also referenced on Repository Architecture Page.     (1B4AE1)
    • Added two potential usecase categories on 06/06/08 on Use Case Page     (1B4AE2)
    • Agreed to help Mike Dean on Documentation on OOR GForge Implementation     (1B4AE3)
    • Suggested Addition of Update and versioning functionality in OOR implementation of Mike Dean. Also UML as potential future language addition to use ODM OMG Functionality, Export XMI functions and Depictions of Ontologies in UML Models etc.     (1B4AE4)
    • Use case and Requirements links to Mike's implementation as suggested by Kate and Agreed by Mike.     (1B4AE5)
    • Our OOR implementation ought to be interoperable with Ontologies in NeOn or EU efforts such as were discussed regarding ontology design patterns presentations on this Ontolog Wiki on 02/05/2009.     (1B4AE6)
    • offering questions from a broader semantic spectrum, terminology management, and technical communication perspective, all in relation to the operational utility of an OOR.     (1B4AL1)

What Potential Sponsoring Organizations may be bringing to the table     (1B5)

  • CIM3 (PeterYim) -     (1B5A)
    • provide CWE (collaborative work environment) infrastructure and support for (or to incubate) this OOR initiative. [... the Ontolog-CWE & ProtegeWiki are good examples on how this infrastructure has been applied]     (1B5A1)
    • leverage the ongoing work of the joint CIM3/BMIR CODS (Collaborative Ontology Development Service & Infrastructure) initiative. [... this supports Protege frame-based, RDF and OWL ontology development.]     (1B5A2)
    • leverage the experience from the hosting of the SigmaKEE (Sigma Knowledge Engineering Environment) work. [... this supports SUO-KIF, First Order Logic ontology development.]     (1B5A3)
    • we offer the server, and the hosting infrastructure, for the development and testing of the OOR technology, and the hosting of a public instance (hopefully, among the first instances) of the federated open ontology repository which this project is chartered to implement, deploy, operate and maintain.     (1B5A4)

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