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This is working page for the preparation of the two Ontolog Panels that we are setting on for presentation at the Collaborative Expedition Workshop #63 (July 17 & 18, 2007 at NSF, Arlington, VA, USA.)     (1A)

Background:     (1B)

SusanTurnbull featured the "community process" of this Summit on the Tue 2007.07.17 Collaborative Expedition Workshop (CEW#63 to be held at NSF, Arlington, VA, USA) as part of her exposition into the process, dynamics, potential and realities of a few of the exemplary virtual communities during that one-day workshop. T        (1B1)

Workshop Title: "Towards Stable Meaning and Records Preservation in Information-Sharing: Building the Way Forward Together"     (1B2)

Description     (1C)

As SusanTurnbull has it on her preliminary program, there will be two panels, one each on Jul-17 (Tue) & Jul-18 (Wed). Topics as described below.     (1C1)

The Team     (1D)

Content Design     (1E)

  • What: The Content / Message(s)     (1E1)
    • SteveRay, LeoObrst and PeterYim can provide an overview o the genesis, the process and some of the salient outcome of OntologySummit2007     (1E1A)
    • DeniseBedford, talking on some of the World Bank taxonomy and ontology best practices and the OntologTaxoThesaurus initiative, will provide a bridge to her fellow World Bank presenter's talk at this workshop - "Records, Archives, and Transparency in the Development Community: Initiatives from the World Bank Group Archives", by World Bank Archivist, Elisa Liberatori-Prati (see: agenda ref.)     (1E1B)
    • ElisaKendall, presenting on the MDA & ODM standards she co-champions at OMG will complement the other OMG talks at this workshop and help highlight our Panel-2 theme: "The Role of Ontology in Records Management"     (1E1C)

The Plan     (1F)