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OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Development Workshop-V - Tue 2011_11_08     (1)

This is our "Getting OOR Development Going - Take V" workshop which we will devote to the topic of how best to getting real OOR-related open source software development work going ...     (1A)

Topic: "Getting OOR Development Going, on Eclipse?"     (1B)

Session Chair: MikeDean     (1C)

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Attendees     (1H)

  • Expecting:     (1H2)
    • ... if you are coming to the meeting, please add your name above (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the community) above, or e-mail <> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. ...     (1H3A)

Agenda Ideas     (1I)

please insert any additional items below (along with your name for follow-up purposes)     (1I1)

  • identifying issues that are holding back the OOR-oss-dev work     (1I2)
  • Is a common IDE good for us? Is Eclipse an optimal answer?     (1I3)
  • Task distribution and getting organized     (1I4)
  • Action planning (with consensus milestones)     (1I5)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1J)

1. Meeting called to order:     (1J4)

2. Roll Call:     (1J8)

3. Status Review and Discussion:     (1J11)

4. Key items for review and discussion today     (1J13)

Topic: "Getting OOR Development Going (V), on Eclipse?"     (1J13A)

  • identifying issues that are holding back the OOR-oss-dev work     (1J13B)

and there is really nothing special to talk about. The only thing that Paul mentioned is to enable the "WebTools" package. This comes standard with the J2EE version of Eclipse. It can be enabled in the UI in the "Servers" view. This tool allows you to start and stop tomcat easily and to set breakpoints in your code. Probably any Eclipse user already knows about it."     (1J13D)

--- Chat transcript begin ---     (1J13H)

[08:31] Peter P. Yim: Welcome to the     (1J13I)

OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Development Workshop-V - Tue 2011_11_08     (1J13J)

Topic: "Getting OOR Development Going, on Eclipse?"     (1J13K)

Session Chair: Mike Dean     (1J13L)

When everyone is muted: To un-mute, press "*7" ... To mute, press "*6"     (1J13N)

Proceedings:     (1K)

[08:40] Eric S. Chan: dual track, bioportal release and OOR branch     (1K1)

[08:41] Eric S. Chan: subversion repository for OOR     (1K2)

[08:43] Todd Schneider: Mike, how decouple the indexing from the language representation?     (1K3)

[08:58] Eric S. Chan: the infrastructure will manage content and metadata     (1K4)

[08:59] Eric S. Chan: content may be persisted in some CMS with version control support     (1K5)

[08:59] Eric S. Chan: metadata may be triple store and Lucene indices     (1K6)

[09:03] Eric S. Chan: persistent layer is pluggable (a language module may provide a persistence mechanism)     (1K7)

[09:11] Mike Dean: OOR should allow for ontologies containing components in different languages     (1K8)

(e.g. OWL and RIF or OWL and Common Logic, like OWL Time). This also relates to views and modules.     (1K9)

[09:16] Mike Dean: It might be interesting to provide at least a SPARQL endpoint for Jackrabbit.     (1K10)

This could make a good student project.     (1K11)

[09:17] Eric S. Chan: bioportal provides background processing for validation (theorem proving),     (1K12)

OOR may define these processes as SOA services     (1K13)

[09:28] Eric S. Chan: E:\jaxb-ri-20110115\bin\xjc.bat schema-obh-xjc.xsd schema-obr.xsd -extension     (1K14)

[09:37] Mike Dean: It would help bootstrap development to create an OOR Developer Tools page with     (1K15)

links to JAXRS specifications, tools to generate client bindings, and (soon) results of     (1K16)

generating those bindings.     (1K17)

[09:59] Todd Schneider: Have to go. Cheers.     (1K21)

[10:11] Peter P. Yim: very productive meeting ... Thanks, everyone!     (1K22)

[10:11] Peter P. Yim: -- session ended: 10:10am PST --     (1K23)

--- Chat transcript end ---     (1K24)

  • Task distribution and Getting organized ... (discussion deferred to the next session)     (1K25)
  • Action planning with consensus milestones ... (discussion deferred to the next session)     (1K26)

5. Getting Organized:     (1K27)

6. Action items:     (1K29)

  • Mike Dean will look through the current BioPortal project to see what they are using; which will eventually get us to a reference developer platform for OOR developers     (1K31)
  • Develop a "guideline on how to develop a language module" and the API for language module developers to plug into [suggested by Eric - Ken & Todd to work on]     (1K32)

7. Any Other Business:     (1K33)

  • The Joint NCBO-OOR session: OOR-Architecture-API IX - "NCBO-OOR architectural considerations and synergies" + "creating BioPortal Tabs" is now scheduled for Tue 2011.11.29; same time     (1K34)
    • input from Ray Fergerson & Paul Alexander (NCBO): "We also agree that it would be best, rather than scheduling a meeting now, that developers just install the "hello world" tab and get it up and     (1K34A)

going. This is likely to lead to both narrow and broad questions. The narrow ones Paul can handle in email and the broad ones may require either a phone call or additional example code. We would rather this be a pull system, where developers request information just in time, rather than a push one where we try to push information out in the hopes that it will be useful."     (1K35)

  • Mike Dean: an emerging developer team may come up to do work for SOCoP, with student from UWM, James Madison U & U of Maryland College Park     (1K37)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:     (1K38)

notes taken by: Peter P. Yim / 2011.11.08-10:10am PST     (1K42)

All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.     (1K43)

Resources     (1L)

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