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This is working page for the preparation of the two Ontolog Panels that we are setting on for presentation at the Collaborative Expedition Workshop #63 (July 17 & 18, 2007 at NSF, Arlington, VA, USA.)     (1A)

Background:     (1B)

SusanTurnbull featured the "community process" of this Summit on the Tue 2007.07.17 Collaborative Expedition Workshop (CEW#63 to be held at NSF, Arlington, VA, USA) as part of her exposition into the process, dynamics, potential and realities of a few of the exemplary virtual communities during that one-day workshop. T        (1B1)

Workshop Title: "Towards Stable Meaning and Records Preservation in Information-Sharing: Building the Way Forward Together"     (1B2)

Description     (1C)

As SusanTurnbull has it on her preliminary program, there will be two panels, one each on Jul-17 (Tue) & Jul-18 (Wed). Topics as described below.     (1C1)

The Team     (1D)

Content Design     (1E)

  • What: candidate Content / Message(s)     (1E1)
    • PeterYim can start by introducing Ontolog (the community, it's charter, and other background information) and SteveRay can then provide an overview of the genesis, the process and some of the salient outcome of OntologySummit2007     (1E1A)
    • LeoObrst can do an anchor piece on "the role of ontology in records management" to start the discussion on that topic     (1E1B)
    • DeniseBedford, talking on some of the World Bank taxonomy and ontology best practices and the OntologTaxoThesaurus initiative, will provide a bridge to her fellow World Bank presenter's talk at this workshop - "Records, Archives, and Transparency in the Development Community: Initiatives from the World Bank Group Archives", by World Bank Archivist, Elisa Liberatori-Prati (see: agenda ref.)     (1E1C)
    • ElisaKendall, presenting on the MDA & ODM standards she co-champions at OMG will complement the other OMG talks at this workshop and help highlight our Panel-2 theme: "The Role of Ontology in Records Management"     (1E1D)

The Plan     (1F)