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Ontology Summit 2011: Face-to-face Workshop and Symposium - Registration, Venue and Access     (1)

Event: . OntologySummit2011_Symposium (face-to-face workshop) as a part of the NIST Interoperability Week     (1A)

Venue: NIST (100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) - Building 101 (Administration Building) - "Employee Lounge".     (1B)

  • see: NIST location map & NIST campus map. (Note: the "Visitor Center" is where everyone needs to go to first to get his/her badge. If you are driving, after you get your badge, you may drive into the campus, and park in the parking lot there.)     (1C)
  • See: NIST visitor information. We opted out of hotel packages because most organizations tell us that they can get the same or cheaper rates on their own. (We were told the hotels that you are there to attend a meeting at NIST, they will give you a good rate.) The NIST visitor info page provides a list of hotels and other local assets:     (1D)

Date: . 18 & 19-April-2011 (Monday & Tuesday) - all day     (1E)

Have a message for fellow Symposium participants? - use the OntologySummit2011_Symposium/BulletinBoard     (1G)

For On-site Attendees     (1H)

Due to the fact that this event is being held at a US Government Facility, on-site participants must be pre-registered beforehand to get a pass into the NIST campus. Please register at the NIST registration page at this link. Registration for on-site participation is open until Thu 11-April-2011 ... (See below to get registered for remote participation.)     (1H1)

Anyone who has registration-related question could try e-mailing: Angela Ellis <angela.ellis[at]> or call (+1) 301.975.3881     (1H2)

On-site attendees should plan to be at the gate of the NIST (Gaithersburg, Maryland, US) campus by 8:00am EDT on Apr-18 (day-1), as signing in, and getting there to the meeting venue, are expected to take a little time.     (1H3)

See: a snapshot of our List of Registrants for on-site attendance (if you just registered yourself, you may not be on the list; however, if you have reasons to believe that you may not be properly registered, please email <angela.ellis[at]> with a copy to <peter.yim[at]>, <steve.r.ray[at] > & <mark.carlisle[at]>, so we can help follow-up on the matter.)     (1H4)

For Remote Attendees     (1I)

To register for remote participation, please add your name (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the Ontolog community) below, or e-mail <> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. Make sure you specify which session(s) you plan to attend (ref. OntologySummit2011_Symposium) if you are only planning to join us on specific session(s) and not the entire workshop. ... Thanks. (Note that there is no fee, and no registration deadline for remote attendance! ... but please do register so we can prepare enough resources to support everyone.)     (1I1)

Registered Remote Attendees     (1I2)

  • Discussions and Q & A:     (1I3E)
    • (Unless the conference host has already muted everyone) Please mute your phone, by pressing "*2" on your phone keypad, when a presentation is in progress. To un-mute, press "*3"     (1I3E1)
    • You can type in your questions or comments through the browser based chat session by:     (1I3E2)
      • instructions: once you got access to the page, click on the "settings" button, and identify yourself (by modifying the Name field). You can indicate that you want to ask a question verbally by clicking on the "hand" button, and wait for the moderator to call on you; or, type and send your question into the chat window at the bottom of the screen.     (1I3E3A)
    • (when everyone is muted) If you want to speak or have questions or remarks to make, please "raise your hand (virtually)" by click on the "hand button" (lower right) on the chat session page. You may speak when acknowledged by the speaker or the session moderator (again, press "*3" on your phone to unmute). Test your voice and introduce yourself first before proceeding with your remarks, please. (Please remember to click on the "hand button" again (to lower your hand) and press "*2" on your phone to mute yourself after you are done speaking.)     (1I3E4)
    • thanks to the folks, one can now use a jabber/xmpp client (e.g. gtalk) to join this chatroom. Just add the room as a buddy - (in our case here) ... Handy for mobile devices!     (1I3E5)
  • (optional: we may or may not be featuring this support, depending on the venue) - Shared-screen support (VNC session), if applicable, will be started 5 minutes before the call at:     (1I3F)
    • view-only password: "ontolog"     (1I3F1)
    • people behind corporate firewalls may have difficulty accessing this. If that is the case, please download the slides as described below and running them locally. The speaker(s) will prompt you to advance the slides during the talk.     (1I3F2)
    • All you would need to do is to download the presentation for each speaker by clicking on the [ slides] link associated with each agenda item     (1I3F3)
  • For those who cannot join us, or who have further questions or remarks on the summit topic and content, please post them to the [ ontology-summit ] listserv so that everyone in the community can benefit from the discourse.     (1I3G)
  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1I3J)

List of Registrants OntologySummit2011_Symposium for on-site attendance     (1J)

(snapshot as of the 2011.04.13 02:15pm EDT cut-off)     (1J1)

(to be added)     (1J81)

(previously registered for on-site, but has to change to remote participation)     (1J84)

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