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Simon Spero     (1)

Criticollab LLC     (1A)

School of Information & Library Science     (1B)

University of North Carolina     (1C)

Chapel hill, NC, USA.     (1D)

email: &     (1E)

I am a quondam Doctoral student at the School of the Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to this my background was as a computist, doing work on HTTP and HTTP-NG, and security analysis of SSL, at UNC and EIT.     (1F)

My special areas of interest are the     (1G)

  • The relationship between Controlled vocabularies for Knowledge Organization and formal ontologies for Knowledge Representation.     (1H)
  • The development of Semantically Enabled Exascale Repositories for scalable, survivable long term information and knowledge management.     (1I)

See my LinkedIn Profile for more info.     (1J)

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