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Cory Casanave     (1)

Contact:     (1B)

Model Driven Solutions     (1C)

8605 Westwood Center Drive     (1D)

Suite 505     (1E)

Vienna, VA 22182     (1F)

Phone: (703) 992-9108 Cell: (703) 362-0300     (1G)

Email cory-c at my companies domain name.     (1H)

BIO for Cory Casanave     (1I)

Areas of interest; SOA, Model Driven Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Knowlage Representaton, Ontologies, Automation of Development Processes, Tooling, Open Source     (1I1)

Works For: Model Driven Solution (     (1I2)

Community: - community and open source projects for model driven models, tools, methodologies and infrastructure.     (1I3)

Projects: General Services Administration; [[OneGSA]], OSERA, FMEA     (1I4)

Maintains Wiki Pages     (1J)

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