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OKMDS: Organizing Committee Conference Call - Tuesday 4-Dec-2007

  • This is the 9th conference call of the organizing committee for the joint NASA-Ontolog-KMWG "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support" initiative. The session is expected to be a 1-hour conference call.

Conference Call Details

  • Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2007
  • Start Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 18:00 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: 30 minutes
  • Dial-in Number:
    • from US: +1-605-475-8590 (South Dakota, USA)
      • Conference ID: "5823120#"
    • Direct call from from Skype: +990008275823120
  • Shared-screen support (VNC session), if applicable, will be started 5 minutes before the call at:
    • view-only password: "ontolog"


  • Regrets:

Agenda Ideas

  • continue with discussion on suggested program content for the next 2~3 months or even the entire 6 months of the mini-series
    • Peter: discuss input from Ralph Hodgson of Top Quadrant ref. a presentation on the NASA [[NExIOM]] Ontologies
  • kick-starting the online discourse on [okmds-convene], which will be archived and cross-posted to [KMgov]
  • define (ultimate) deliverables of this entire mini-series
  • ...
... (please post your agenda ideas here; identify yourself for follow-up purposes)

Agenda & Proceedings

1. Meeting called to order:

  • Susan Turnbull volunteered to take minutes of the meeting
  • review and adopt agenda

2. Roll Call:

3. Status of developing issues:

  • Outstanding Issue Update:
  • suggest program content for the next 2~3 months or even the entire 6 months of the mini-series
    • speaker sessions - candidate speaker, topic, date (for each)
    • panel discussions - topic, chair/moderator, candidate panelists (for each)
    • Suggestions:
      • Peter: Dialog mapping - Conklin, Shum, Park et al.
      • Ken: "Living with Uncertainty" - panel on probabilistic reasoning and decision support
        • recent "Living with Uncertainty" workshop didn't yield many papers on uncertainty - more traditional software engineering issues
        • area not mature enough for a full panel; will drop for now (some coverage on this topic will be made at the 2007.12.13 SOFI panel, though)
      • Andy: proposed a two part session sharing semantically-driven work within NASA
        • Part 1 - on more mature projects where semantics and ontology have been employed - like those in astrophysics, astronomy, earth science
        • Part 2 - on projects under development - like the Constellation project -- launch vehicles & spacecraft to support return to Moon and expedition to Mars which requires staging booster fuel and space craft at base camps (space camps) along the way.
      • Susan: Morrison on IARPA funded research IC use of knowledge/decision environments
        • ping Leo et al. if we put together a panel on the above focus
      • Susan and Steve: possibly John Rumble - on incorporating formal semantics into documentary standards
      • Kurt: has approached Bo Newman about setting up something.
      • Kurt: mentioned Art Murray at George Washington University on the Decision Support side. Art works with Bo.
      • Jeanne suggested linking with the architectural community. To be discussed with Susan Turnbull when Jeanne can join the call
      • Susan: DoD's use of Communities of Interest for advancing effective information strategie in net-centric settings
      • All: Final session might be something like:
      • Summary presentation + individual or small group summaries, wiki would be available
        • Part 1 - reflections, comments
        • Part 2 - and follow-up work that is derived from the initiative
      • Susan: means to evolve and capture light-weight governance mechanism(s) that reflect potentials and needs for the right structures to support visibility and value of innovative capacity-building among diverse individuals and institutions
  • Online discourse
    • need to clarify on the logistics and mechanics of cross-posting to [KMgov] and [okmds-convene]
    • Ken & Kurt prepared the kick-start messages for the online discussion and will post as soon as they receive confirmation from Jeanne.
      • Peter brought up the fact that KMWG members had a lengthy exchange on KM definitions (in a fairly recent [KMgov] discussion thread) that we tap on and re-use
  • define (ultimate) deliverables of this entire mini-series
    • paper(s), publications?
      • Jeanne and Andy will prepare a summary paper.
      • Joint communique at the conclusion of the mini-series? This provides a nice time hook but a position statement is needed
    • wikipedia article?
    • content on the website - what? how? who?
      • Peter: How do we capture the progress of the series onto the wiki. For example, Ontolog did great with survey, more difficult to summarize the 1600 discussion entries. Topic champion could be a possibility
    • See suggested (concluding) summary presentation above
  • Discussions:

5. New Issues:

6. Any Other Business:

7. Action items:

  • Jeanne will prepare a press release for Federal Computer Week and Government Computer News to announce the mini-series.
  • Andy and Peter will clarify topic bounds with Jeanne and Rob
  • Jeanne has someone from JPL who will create cross-posting to [KMgov] and [okmds-convene] who create the cross-links between the two community forums today
  • NASA transfer of human experience and not just information - linkages data, information, and knowledge management

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:

  • Call adjourned at: 11:13 am PST


notes taken by: Susan Turnbull / 2007.12.04-11:am PST

All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.