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Patrick Cassidy     (1)

Patrick Cassidy, PhD.     (1A)

MICRA Inc.     (1B)

908-561-3416     (1C)

cell: 908-565-4053     (1D)

Email:     (1E)

  • Ontologist, president of MICRA Inc., consultant on ontological engineering.     (1F)

  • Dr. Patrick Cassidy invited presentation to this community, entitled: "Defining Vocabularies, Ontological and Linguistic: A Tool for Ontologizing Ontolog" at: ConferenceCall_2006_07_13     (1I)
  • Current focus: Primitive Inventory Foundation Ontology (PIFO) - a basic ontology containing representations of all of the semantic primitives required to logically specify the meanings of elements in any domain ontology. An ontology intended to test the performance of such an ontology is being constructed, current version is in OWL. See     (1J)

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