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Adam Cheyer     (1)

Siri, Inc.     (1A)

San Jose, CA     (1B)

Previously ... Siri's VP of Engineering is Adam Cheyer, who joined the company from SRI, where he was the Program Director in SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center and Chief Architect of the CALO/PAL project. A pioneer in the areas of distributed computing, intelligent agents, and advanced user interfaces, Adam is the author of more than fifty peer-reviewed publications and nine patents. He was previously the VP of Engineering at Dejima and the VP of Engineering at Verticalnet. Adam is also a founding member of and Genetic Finance, LLC     (1D)

  • Adam's invited presentation on CALO to the Ontolog community at: ConferenceCall_2006_05_04     (1G)
  • Ontolog Invited Presentation by Adam Cheyer & Tom Gruber on Siri - ConferenceCall_2010_02_25     (1H)

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