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Simon Buckingham Shum

Simon Buckingham Shum

Senior Lecturer

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)

The Open University

Milton Keynes, UK

Simon Buckingham Shum is a Senior Lecturer at the UK Open University's Knowledge Media Institute. Following degrees in Psychology, Ergonomics and HCI, he has worked on visual hypertext for mapping meetings and argumentation since 1990, and leads the Hypermedia Discourse Project. He co-edited "Visualizing Argumentation" (2003), which brought together leading figures in argument mapping, and "Knowledge Cartography" (2008) expands this. He has received UK and US funding for e-science and e- learning projects, and is co-founder of the Compendium Institute, leading development of the Compendium tool for Dialogue Mapping and Conversational Modelling. He co-chaired the 2nd International Conference on the Pragmatic Web. The most recent knowledge mapping tool is Cohere, which moves towards a Web 2.0 connection management/argumentation platform. Various talks are available.