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This is a scratch workspace for the coordination and planning of the UoM_Ontology_Standard work.

Notes on the Mon 2010.01.04-11:00am EST conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • preparing for the Jan-21 first OASIS QUOMOS TC conference call
    • thoughts and follow-ups on "getting the word out"
  • Progress/status review from deliverable champions - (deferred to the Jan-7 community session)
    • Pat Hayes - see preliminary notes at: UoM_Ontology_Standard_CLIF_Draft ... and like to discuss:
      • 1. I've introduced a new idea into the ontology, of 'measurement event', to try to deal with the VIM meta-issue of whether 'real quantities' exist and the ubiquity or otherwise of errors and estimates. I'd like to outline the motivation for this and get feedback, especially negative.
      • 2. So far, I can see no rational way to distinguish the concepts of [dimension] and [quantity kind], and so propose to identify them (ie treat these as synonyms.) Again, I would like feedback/discussion, especially negative.
  • Next Meeting:
    • the upcoming open community session (Thursday Jan-7) - UoM_Ontology_Standard/ConferenceCall_2010_01_07
    • we will not be meeting again Mon 2010.01.11, unless otherwise announced (based on actual needs)
    • further work (and meetings) on this will then be under the OASIS QUOMOS TC setting - starting from the "first QUOMOS TC meeting" of Thu 2010.01.21
    • Frank will be less available for meetings in March and early April
  • Call adjourned: 9:27 am PST
  • Audio archive: is here (mp3, 1:22:14, 6.4MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.12.14 EST conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • Review and adopt agenda
  • The OASIS Call for Participation of the QUOMOS TC has been announced (on Fri 2009.12.11)
    • ref. and also
    • the first OASIS QUOMOS TC meeting will be held on Thu 2010.01.21, 2-hour meeting starting 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 7:30pm CET / 6:30pm GMT / 18:30 UTC
    • Note that those who are not yet OASIS members (or whose company is already an OASIS member but needs to get appointment from their company to this work) should make membership arrangements ASAP
    • those who want to be a voting member need to have joined the QUOMOS TC by Thu 2009.01.14
    • any other preparation for the First QUOMOS TC Meeting?
      • Confirmation of call-in details - we will continue to use the Ontolog conference infrastructure; Howard will advise MaryMcRae
      • Proposed agenda for first meeting

1. Roll call to determine TC membership. To become a member at the first meeting, you must:

  • be eligible, i.e. be an employee of an OASIS member organization or an Individual member of OASIS;
  • have notified the chair of the person's intent to participate 7 days before the first meeting; and
  • attended the first meeting

2. Election of chair - from nominations made by Voting members

  • (Convenor hands over to new Chair)

3. Review of OASIS TC process, IPR policy and PR policy

4. Review of TC charter (statement of purpose, goals, deliverables, schedule, etc.).

  • Clarification of charter
  • Method of working

5. Vote on any standing rules for the TC

  • Electronic submission of motions to open ballots

6. Appointment of officers - volunteers appreciated

  • secretary
  • webmaster
  • liaisons with other applicable standards groups or OASIS TCs

7. Discussion and acceptance of contributed work

8. Definition of work programme

9. Requirements for web site

  • Overview
  • FAQ

10. Future meeting schedule, hosts

  • Discussion:
    • Candidacy for officer positions of the QUOMOS TC
      • Steve Ray and Frank Olken both considering their candidacy for the chair
        • Howard: can have a max of two co-chair
      • Jerry Smith is considering his candidacy for the secretary position
    • Time for TC call:
      • Howard: if we have a whole range of folks from Asia, Europe and US, one time that is least inconvenient could be 1:00 GMT
    • Jamie: we may not need to achieve a whole lot during the first call
  • Any preparation necessary for the next community session - UoM_Ontology_Standard/ConferenceCall_2010_01_07
    • suggestion: getting the BIPM (Steve will work on this) & BS (Howard will work on this) folks more involved ... like,
      • present on the 2010.01.07 session
      • participate in the QUOMOS TC work and be liaisons
    • this will probably be the last of the Ontolog working group/community meeting ... all work from the group will be donated to (and continued under the auspices of the) QUOMOS TC
    • Howard Mason will chair this session
    • Main Agenda:
      • broadcast the impending establishment of the OASIS QUOMOS TC
      • engage other SDO folks (BIPM, BS, etc.) and interest them to join QUOMOS TC as liaisons
      • progress review of the UoM_Ontology_Standard working group deliverables
      • officially handover the work of the UoM_Ontology_Standard working group to OASIS for the emerging QUOMOS TC
  • Any other business
  • Next Meeting:
    • our next weekly coordination meeting on Mon 2010.01.04, same time - call details [ here]
      • Steve will be driving during that time, but will try to call in
  • Call adjourned: 8:56 am PST
  • Audio archive: is here (mp3, 0:49:24, 5.7 MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.12.07-11:00am EST conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • Review and adopt agenda
    • this will be a technical work session; it is suggested that admin issues be deferred to next week's call
  • Discussion: dealing with "institutionalized vagueness" in QUOMOS
    • as brought up by Pat Hayes, Ed Barkmeyer, and previously Steve Ray too - ref.
    • Pat: use of the category "reference" ... and utilizing that to preserve vocabulary?
      • Steve: in favor of preserving the VIM as far as possible ... but not disguising the hollowness of the concept
      • Peter: I am totally in favor of Pat's suggested use of the "reference" category to preserve vocabulary. I think this is an important approach too, and can help us get buy-in's from legacy standard bearers, assuming our vision is to have every natural language standard has an "ontology" counterpart as part of that standard.
      • Hans-Peter: ... properties ... (please insert your key points here after the call ... thanks, =ppy)
      • Steve to Pat: any examples of how other ontologies handle cases like this? ... Pat: haven't seen similar cases (like this, which is somewhat of a political compromise.)
      • Steve: optimistic that Chuck Ehrlick will engage ... Pat: can we get copies of his earlier presentations if he had talked about it?
      • Peter: great if we could have Chuck and others who represent different sides of this political position to give a talk, that would be great. Our Jan-7 community session will be a good time.
  • Pat: another issue - how much of the VIM is in our scope
    • e.g. error, measure techniques, ... metrological concepts would be beyond our scope
    • our scope for QUOMOS (at least for now) would mainly be in the VIM's Clause-1
  • any preparation for the First QUOMOS TC Meeting - tentatively, 21-Jan-2010
  • Any preparation necessary for the next community session - UoM_Ontology_Standard/ConferenceCall_2010_01_07
    • suggestion: getting the BIPM folks more involved ... like,
      • present on the 2010.01.07 session
      • participate in the QUOMOS TC work
      • join us as one of the proposers of the OASIS QUOMOS TC
  • discussed possibilities of HansPeter_de_Koning's participation in the QUOMOS TC, be it as a representative from ESA, OMG, or individually. Also considering if Hans-Peter can be our point person for the OWL editorial group.
  • Any other business
    • MaryMcRae of OASIS and Howard Mason to be meeting on Thu 2009.12.10 - 8am PST / 11am EST / 1600 GMT regarding comments received on QUOMOS TC Charter.
      • Howard's presence is mandatory, all other co-proposers are welcome to attend.
      • MaryMcRae has provided the following conference call details:

Conference Dial-in Number: (US) (712) 432-1600

Participant Access Code: 228408#

International Dial-in Numbers

Austria: 0820 4000 1552

Belgium: 070 35 9974

France: 0826 100 256

Germany: 01805 00 76 09

Ireland: 0818 270 021

Italy: 848 390 156

Netherlands: 0870 001 920

Spain: 902 886025

Switzerland: 0848 560 179

UK: 0870 35 204 74


- welcome

- identification of participants

- review of any comments received

- staff comments

- review of any action items

- recruiting

- marketing

- review of remaining schedule

  • Next Meeting:
    • our next weekly coordination meeting on Mon 2009.12.14, same time - call details here
  • Call adjourned: 8:48 am PST
  • Audio archive: is here (mp3, 0:40:23, 4.62 MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.11.30-11:00am EST conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • Review and adopt agenda
  • issue(s) and/or follow-up from the OASIS QUOMOS TC proposal submission
    • ref. UoM_Ontology_Standard_OASIS_TC_Charter_Draft
      • comment now open ... until 2009.12.07
    • any preparation for the First QUOMOS TC Meeting - tentatively, 21-Jan-2010
      • Steve: want to have CMU as one of the proposers, will get their "official statement" asap (before Dec-7)
      • Jerry: received some comments from Patrick Durusau ... will route to [uom-ontology-admin] first to see how we should respond
      • Howard: closer to the time, another announcement will come out from OASIS to tell people that they need to register with OASIS
      • Howard: someone prompted me that there is relevant work going on at the Ontolog Forum ... reminds us that we did not cite the (current) work at Ontolog in the charter
      • Peter: it actually all started with OntologySummit2009 ... therefore, (on Howard's suggestion) Peter will submit a "comment" to OASIS filling in that piece of the QUOMOS history with OntologySummit2009 and Ontolog Forum contributions
  • Looking to CLIF as the linchpin - we will do that first (referring to existing OWL and UML work), and then derive the OWL and UML piece from it
    • Peter: suggest doing the work over the [uom-ontology-std] list ... allows the work and process to be asynchronous, open and properly archived
  • Any preparation necessary for the next community session - UoM_Ontology_Standard/ConferenceCall_2010_01_07
    • another progress review, and boost participation ...
    • Steve: will try to pull in the BIPM folks
    • Howard: the British Standard (BS) people are also noticing this work and are supportive
    • Howard: we need to prepare for the election of the officers too
      • Steve indicated his interest to be a candidate to chair
  • Any other business
    • Peter: will contact Forest Lin to get support from Asia / China
    • Howard: we will need to set up a liaison between the QUOMOS TC and Ontolog Forum going forward
  • Next Meeting:
    • our next weekly coordination meeting on Mon Dec-07, same time - call details here
    • next week's call will be a technical (only) work session ... we'll forego the admin agenda at this next call.
      • Howard: I may have to join late ... Steve will chair
  • Call adjourned: 8:55 am PST
  • Audio archive: is here (mp3, 0:51:43, 5.9 MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.11.16-11:00am EST conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • postmortem of the UoM_Ontology_Standard/Workshop_2009_10_30
    • very productive meeting
    • see: pictures
    • Jamie: all good, helpful ... we'll need to start looking closely to align a time table with the OASIS process
    • Ed: believe Howard plans to send the charter over to OASIS this week
    • Howard: will still accept input from this group until tonight ... will get a final draft out tomorrow ... and circulate ... adopt on Thursdays, and then sent off to OASIS
    • discussed: "reference normative" and "normative" (as opposed to "normative" vs. "informative")
      • Jamie: we have "one normative model" and several "normative expressions of that"
        • what Howard has on the draft (on this issue) now looks great and does express what we want (or at least close enough)
    • Pat, Ed and all: focus of QUOMOS discussed (ref. Pat's concern)
      • Ed will provide some text to Howard today
      • Pat will also send some input to Howard today (ref.
    • Jamie: summarized the scope into 4 bullets ... (Jamie please post your summary to the admin list for reference)
  • Tying down preparation details for the next virtual community session - UoM_Ontology_Standard/ConferenceCall_2009_11_19
    • Agenda for the Thu 2009.11.16 session ...
      • Frank to chair
      • 1. get agreement on the charter (presentation of draft by Howard then Q&A), 2. work out of an OASIS schedule (including adopting a date for the first OASIS TC meeting ... Howard to lead the discussion with Jamie at hand to provide guidance), 3. review progress of all working drafts (WIP report from the 4 champions ... 1 to 5 slides from each), 4. open discussion (including finding out who will be involved)
  • confirming the OASIS TC first (charter) meeting/conference-call date - Thu 2010.01.14 ok?
    • that's the target now
  • Funding:
    • I may have a chance to speak to Jerry Smith on this some time this week
  • Any other business
    • none
  • Call adjourned: 9:26 am PST
  • Audio archive: is here (mp3, 1:17:09, 8.8MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.10.19-11:00am EDT conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • draft scope statement
    • champion assigned - Ed Barkmeyer
    • need this ready for preview on the Oct-22 virtual session
  • discussion: Howard's UoM_Ontology_Standard_OASIS_TC_Charter_Draft (using the OASIS template)
    • Howard will make a post to the [uom-ontology-std] list to bring this to the attention of the entire team
    • among the key decisions (and one that takes debate) is the name: being proposed "Quantity and Unit of Measure Ontology Standard (QUOMOS)"
    • also need to identify at least 3 OASIS full members (Institutional Representatives) to propose the TC to OASIS - candidates: Howard Mason (BAE), Ed Barkmeyer (NIST), David Price (Eurostep), ... ALL: please advise if you are also a qualified candidate.
  • Driving resolution of content alignment
    • champion assigned - Pat Hayes
    • Pat will have some slides ready and will moderate that afternoon segment at the Oct-30 workshop
  • Funding prospects: (... discussion deffered)
    • (possibilities) NSF, NASA, NIH/NLM, ISO-MOU, DISA (JerrySmith), ... (discussion deferred from last week)
  • Further input
  • Any other business
  • call adjourned 9:43 am PDT (1 Hr. 35 min.)
  • audio archive of the session: is here (mp3, 1:27:22, 10.0MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.10.12-11:00am EDT conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

Member of the coordination team: Please add other suggested items below ...

  • further discussion on choice of SDO to move this initiative forward to next
    • ref. discussion started 2009.10.05 and Howard's recap and suggestions dated 2009.10.09
    • Peter / Steve: OASIS as the interim step before it goes to the established International Standard
    • Frank: reiterates the need for publicly available on the web and free of charge
  • What else needs to happen between now and the UoM_Ontology_Standard/Workshop_2009_10_30
    • review this project's "Mission" Statement -
      • "To coordinate and develop the draft of an OWL and CLIF based ontology international standard for "Units and Measure and Quantities" which will be publicly available, free of charge."
    • Frank need to get remote setup ready - Peter to supply phone number etc.
    • need an updated project plan - Joel & Peter to propose for review on email and at our next call
    • session page
      • Peter to set up session page after agenda draft is out
    • announcement
      • Peter to do it on behalf of the chair and the coordinators
    • attendee registration
      • need people name, affiliation, citizenship, and remind them to bring photo ID
      • Rob Raskin has a 50/50 chance of being there in person, but will join remotely otherwise.
    • ...
  • Funding prospects
    • (possibilities) NSF, NASA, NIH/NLM, ISO-MOU, DISA (JerrySmith), ... (defer discussion to next week)
  • Further input
  • Any other business
  • next meeting: Monday 2009.10.19 - 11:00am EDT / 8:00am PDT / 5:00pm CEST / 4:00pm BST / 15:00 UTC
  • call adjourned 9:05am PDT (45 min.)
  • audio archive of the session: is here (mp3, 0:38:06, 4.4MB)

Notes on the Mon 2009.10.05-11:00am EDT conference call

Conference call details:

Notes for the Call: [ audio archive ]

  • Assigning champions for the deliverables and the process:
    • champion and editor for the (natural language) draft standard - Ed Barkmeyer
    • champion and editor for the CLIF ontology - Pat Hayes
    • champion and editor for the OWL ontology - Chip Masters + Rob Raskin
      • question: which OWL? - we'll leave it to the champion to recommend, and discuss
      • QUDV from NASA/JPL?
    • champion and editor for the UML model - David Leal
    • champion and project manager for tracking progress - Joel Bender + Peter P. Yim
    • anything else?
    • Joel: question on style/audience - aim the deliverable as an ISO standard - we want a draft standard with enough supporting tutorial material
      • Howard: note that most of standards materials, we would need to state our purpose, rendering the VIM into a formal ontological language, say how we are related and align with the VIM, ... etc.
    • we intend that the CLIF and OWL formalizations will be normative, UML models will mainly be for the tutorial
    • in the CLIF we will use the same OWL namespace for the OWL constructs
    • Gunther: suggest using only CLIF as the reference formal specification during our development process
  • what needs to be done to facilitate our getting the desired result
    • coordination between the development of the deliverables
    • adopting an open and transparent process
    • getting IPR issues out of the way
      • Howard: let's not go into this discussion ... all we want to have is an understanding on (among those involved here) that the resulting work is going to be "publicly available, free of charge" ... we can adopt the SDO's process as required.
    • review and feedback process
    • workspace: [uom-ontology-std] list, Ontolog wiki (discussion mode), Trac and subversion repository (draft document, candidate document, code)
      • Peter: for people consideration, try OOR-sandbox for the OWL work (Ed: can we do OWL validity and consistency checking?)
  • what do we anticipate happening in preparation the UoM_Ontology_Standard/Workshop_2009_10_30
    • Ed will summarize the overall position by end of this week
    • Pat: if someone proposes that something should be in scope, he/she should also provide the approach and content
    • Gunther / Ed: base document for the meeting to be available by Oct-19
    • weekly telecons among this group - Mondays, same time - Yes
  • a rough agenda for the UoM_Ontology_Standard/Workshop_2009_10_30
    • Ed & Frank to come up with one by Mon 12-Oct-2009
    • Steve: avoid further scope discussion ... aim at a "work product" from the face-to-face
    • Howard will be there and can run the meeting; we'll expect David Price and David Leal to be attending remotely
  • what do we anticipate happening after we have the set of clean deliverable
    • moving over to an SDO setting ?
      • straight to ISO? ... or, OASIS (first) then ISO?
      • which ISO TC?
    • All: we will defer this to email discussion during next 5 days (please use the ongoing coordination thread)
    • Howard: would be nice to bring this up at next Monday's ISO MOU meeting
  • possible funding for this work
    • for the individual(s)?
    • for the workgroup?
    • Steve: possibilities at NIST? - Ed will explore (with Steve's help)
    • Gunther: NLM, NASA, ... ?
      • Chip will explore with NASA
      • ask Frank what NSF can do (although they may want to stay away from working on standards)
      • Gunther: can try NLM for travel grant
  • next meeting: Monday 2009.10.12 - 11:00am EDT / 8:00am PDT / 5:00pm CEST / 4:00pm BST / 15:00 UTC
    • Howard will not be able to join (but will try to make the meeting towards the end, if possible.)
  • call adjourned 9:35am PDT (1Hr. 35 min.)
  • audio archive of the session: is here (mp3, 1:32:11, 10.55MB)

Notes on the 2009.09.10 11:00am EDT conference call

Conference call details:

Notes from the Call

1. possibly another virtual panel session - QUDT (Steve to contact), UCUM (Ed to contact), Leal-strawman (David to contact), Ed-synthesis, plus discussion ... and what's next - plan to do this on Thu 2009.09.24 - co-chair: Frank Olken & David Price

  • developing session page at: ConferenceCall_2009_09_24

2. synthesize the discussion so far, and start documenting a strawman ontology, or two - Ed Barkmeyer to champion the synthesis (ETA ~2009.09.20)

3. a face-to-face - aim at Fri 2009.10.30 at NSF for a working group plus observers (backup venue at NIST) - Frank and Ed will work out the logistics

  • developing session page at: /Workshop_2009_10_30

4. getting organized as a standards working group

  • what needs to happen between 9/24 and 10/30 - we can discuss this with the community on 9/24
  • shifting gears from discussion to production
  • we want the technical stuff done and then shop around for the right SDO setting to get the work adopted as standard
    • we should be doing this by Jan-2010