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UoM_Ontology_Standard workshop - Fri 2009-10-30 - Registration, Venue and Access     (1)

National Science Foundation,     (1C)

Room 1235 (Director's Conference Room),     (1D)

4201 Wilson Blvd.,     (1E)

Arlington, VA 22203,     (1F)

Our NSF Host: Dr. Frank Olken     (1H)

Date: . 30-October-2009 (Friday) - all day (8:30am~3:30pm EDT)     (1I)

Session Agenda and other Details at: . UoM_Ontology_Standard/Workshop_2009_10_30     (1J)

For On-site Attendees     (1K)

Due to the fact that the National Sciencce Foundation (NSF) is a US government facility, all ontsite attendees must be registered, so that they can be issued a badge at the front lobby, before they can proceed to the meeting venue on the day of the workshop. Please make sure you have a picture ID (US Driver License for US personnel, or Passport for foreign citizens.)     (1K1)

  • On-site participants must register before end-of-day Tue 2009.10.27 by emailing (offline) <> and <> with the following     (1K2)
  • Registered onsite attendees (so far) are listed below. If you have issues (e.g. mailed your registration / RSVP message but do not see your name there, or late registration), please call Amanda Shea <> (at 703.292.8930) or Peter P. Yim <> (at 650.578.9998) to straighten out the situation.     (1K3)
  • Onsite Attendees - National Science Foundation Directions:     (1K4)
    • The (venue) is NSF Stafford-I Building , which is one block south of the Washington DC "Ballston" Metro Station (Orange Line)     (1K4A)
    • Go to main NSF bldg. at 4201 Wilson Blvd.(Stafford I Building). Go to the NSF visitor (front) entrance at N. Stuart and Ninth Streets. Get visitor badge at the lobby (please be there by 8:00am).     (1K4B)
    • After receiving visitor badge, go to Room 1235 (that's the Directors Conference Room in the Stafford I Building)     (1K4C)
    • If traveling by:     (1K4D)
      • a. Car: Parking lot below the Stafford I and II buildings (entrances on North Stuart Street between Wilson and Ninth Street and on Ninth Street between North Stuart Street and Randolph Street) There is also parking at Ballston Common Mall - enter on Randolph Street between Wilson and Glebe or on Glebe between Randolph and Wilson.     (1K4D1)
      • b. Subway: (Washington DC) Ballston metro station (orange line) - exit to right along N. Stuart Street. Walk one block south to main NSF entrance at N. Stuart and Ninth Streetss, Arlington, VA.     (1K4D2)
    • if you are coming from ISWC 2009 (at Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles, 14750 Conference Center Dr., Chantilly, VA 20151), this NSF venue (4201 N Stuart Street, Arlington, VA 22203) is only about 22 miles away     (1K4G)
  • Onsite Attendees - National Science Foundation Visitors with Laptops     (1K6)
    • In Room 1235 we have about 2 dozen Ethernet ports at the conference table (bring your own Ethernet cable). Others     (1K6A)

will need to connect via the wireless network.     (1K7)

    • When you initially connect to the NSF external wired network your laptop will be automatically scanned.     (1K8A)
    • To connect to the wireless network at NSF go to Room 357 (Help Desk) to have the wireless key uploaded. When you connect     (1K8B)

to the wireless network, your laptop will be automatically scanned.     (1K9)

    • It is best to have your laptop up-to-date with respect to service packs, patches, and virus checking databases.     (1K10A)
    • It would be good to run a virus scan of your laptop the day before you come, with a current version of your virus     (1K10B)

checking database.     (1K11)

For Remote Attendees     (1L)

To register for participation, please add your name (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the Ontolog community) below, or e-mail <> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. Kindly do so by end-of-day Thu 2009.10.29, if you possibly can.     (1L1)

  • Shared-screen (VNC) support (this may or may not be available ... to be announced on the voice line during the session), if applicable, the server will be started 5 minutes before the session at:     (1L3E)
    • view-only password: "ontolog"     (1L3E1)
    • if you plan to be logging into this shared-screen option (which the speaker may be navigating), and you are not familiar with the process, please try to call in 5 minutes before the start of the session so that we can work out the connection logistics. Help on this will generally not be available once the presentation starts.     (1L3E2)
    • You would always have the option to download presentations for each speaker by clicking on the link associated with each agenda item     (1L3E3)
  • Discussions and Q & A:     (1L3F)
    • (Unless the conference host has already muted everyone) Please mute your phone, by pressing "*2" on your phone keypad, when a presentation is in progress. To un-mute, press "*3"     (1L3F1)
    • You can type in your questions or comments through the browser based chat session by:     (1L3F2)
      • instructions: once you got access to the page, click on the "settings" button, and identify yourself (by modifying the Name field). You can indicate that you want to ask a question verbally by clicking on the "hand" button, and wait for the moderator to call on you; or, type and send your question into the chat window at the bottom of the screen.     (1L3F3A)
    • (when everyone is muted) If you want to speak or have questions or remarks to make, please "raise your hand (virtually)" by click on the "hand button" (lower right) on the chat session page. You may speak when acknowledged by the speaker or the session moderator (again, press "*3" on your phone to unmute). Test your voice and introduce yourself first before proceeding with your remarks, please. (Please remember to click on the "hand button" again (to lower your hand) and press "*2" on your phone to mute yourself after you are done speaking.)     (1L3F4)
    • thanks to the folks, one can now use a jabber/xmpp client (e.g. gtalk) to join this chatroom. Just add the room as a buddy - (in our case here) ... Handy for mobile devices!     (1L3F5)
  • Please note that this session will be recorded, and the entire proceedings including the audio archives are expected to be made available as open content to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1L3J)

On-site Participants     (1L4)

Remote Participants     (1L5)

Other Registered Participants     (1L6)

Regrets     (1L7)

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