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David Price     (1)

email:     (1B)

David Price is a Principal Consultant at TopQuadrant.     (1C)

Current activities include taking responsibility for the QUDT Quantities, Units, Dimensions and Types ontology developed for NASA.     (1D)

In a past life:     (1E)

David Price was the co-convener of ISO TC184/SC4's "Industrial Data on the Web" ad hoc group (along with DavidLeal.)     (1F)

and was the technical lead for:     (1G)

NIST STEP for Engineering Enterprise Integration (aka Future STEP) - Current activities related to the Ontology Summit 2009 are based around a project with NIST with three major objectives:     (1H)

  1. To demonstrate engineering enterprise integration based on inter-related data exchange, ontology and service specifications     (1I)
  2. To enable the successful integration of STEP, OMG and W3C standards     (1J)
  3. To demonstrate a process for migrating STEP data models to more widely implemented modeling and implementation technology     (1K)