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(US) National Health Information Network, Request for Information - Project Home Page     (1)

Work Product     (1A)

The Ontolog Community's response to the ONCHIT NHIN RFI #4150-24 (updated) - see:     (1A1)

Most Critical Task(s) At Hand     (1B)

What's New     (1C)

  • Our response to the NHIN-RFI was delivered Jan. 18, 2005, on time (even with 4 minutes to spare before the deadline!)     (1C2)

Key Date(s) to Note     (1D)

Project Mission     (1F)

  • To round up a joint Ontolog community effort, to author a response and submit that to the (US) National Health Information Network, Request for Information of 2004.11.15. Using that as the beginning of a collaborative effort where the Ontolog community can contribute professionally to the NHIN initiative.     (1F1)

Outline for Deliverables & Deadlines     (1G)

  • Strawman version 1 Bob Smith     (1G1)
    • The RFI states 4 goals, key missing elements to bridge current practice to a ten year vision, and poses a Decision Scenario including:     (1G1A)
      • The NHIN could be developed and operated in many ways.     (1G1A1)
        • It could include state-of-the-art web technologies or more traditional clearinghouse architectures.     (1G1A1A)
        • It could be highly decentralized or somewhat centrally brokered.     (1G1A1B)
        • It could be a nationwide service, a collection of regional services or a set of tools that share common components.     (1G1A1C)
        • It could be overseen by public organizations, by private organizations, or by public-private consortia.     (1G1A1D)
      • Regardless of how it is developed, overseen or operated, there is a compelling public interest for a NHIN to exist.     (1G1A2)
    • The RFI has 24 questions structured into 5 parts (But no "Problem Statement" )     (1G1B)
  • Team 1: 3 Questions;(SMI_Mark_Adam_Samson_Natasha) Overview and working definition of a National Health Information Network for distributing Electronic Health Records:     (1G3)
    • A. General ( Working definitions of a National Health Information Network, models of access to this Network, and appropriate roles at each level)     (1G3A)
  • Team 2: 10 Questions;( Kurt_Bo_Bob_Nad ); Enterprise Strategy, Process, Incentive Alignments:     (1G4)
    • B. Organizational and Business Framework (Economic and Policy Criteria for developing Business and Organizational Models in a "Mixed Public-Private, Open interoperable Context )     (1G4A)
    • C. Management and Operational Considerations ( Useful and Useable Products, Policy and Managerial Incentives, Contingency-Risk Modeling, Community of Practice governance )     (1G4B)
  • Team 3: 11 Questions; ( Nicolas EdwardCherlin MarkRoest) Standards and Incentives     (1G5)
    • D. Standards and Policies to Achieve Interoperability ( What is the current status of the major Standards Development Organizations and their processes/assumptions and relationships to each other and the US Govt... Open Standards developed in an open process )     (1G5A)
    • E. Financial and/or Regulatory Incentives and Legal Consideration __ Other ( Do conflicting policies and strategies now exist? Are new architectures and mechanisms available to resolve certain pivotal conflict areas? )     (1G5B)

Project Work-in-Progress     (1G6)

Action Plan and Chronology     (1G7)

  • Bob Smith Sunday 1-16-05: Note that many of the 24 RFI questions are now "answered" by ONCHIT Staff in their five presentations to key stakeholders "Suggestive Answers?"     (1G7B)
    • Extensions of the earlier "Framework" of 4 goals and strategies to achieving these defined goals     (1G7B1)
    • Specific project thrusts with start and finish points     (1G7B2)
    • Increased specification of concepts: Regional solutions; Public-Private Partnerships; CHI-eGov Architectures;     (1G7B3)
  • Achieve sufficient Membership interest in completing this RFI phase and future opportunities     (1G7E)
  • To consider the alignment tasks between the three major sections in light of calendar realities     (1G7F)
    • 1. Focus on just the "ontology" used by the RFI writing team of Dr. Brailer (Agree)     (1G7F1)
    • 2. Develop a "Strawman" of working definitions of the two central terms (NHIN and _EHR)     (1G7F2)
    • 3. Expand, in parallel, the Enterprise Topics and the Regulatory Topics     (1G7F3)
    • 4. Assess the internal alignments within each of the three topics     (1G7F4)
    • 5. Integrate, as needed, alignment problems within and between the three topics     (1G7F5)
    • 6. Reality Checks     (1G7F6)
    • 7. Complete the resulting document and essential graphics ( 1-3 pages per question?)     (1G7F7)
      • pull a response to the RFI together and submit that by the 2005.01.18 deadline.     (1G7F7A)

The Team     (1H)

Discussion Archives & Shared-File Workspace     (1I)

Resources     (1J)

Conference Call, Meeting & Workshop     (1K)

  • ...(list and link to agenda & proceedings pages here)...     (1K1)

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