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Ontology Summit 2011: Panel Session-1 "Applications and Case Studies - I" - Thu 2011-01-27     (1)

Summit Theme: OntologySummit2011: "Making the Case for Ontology"     (1A)

Session Title: Harvesting the Business Value of Ontologies: Recent Case Examples     (1B)

Session Co-chairs: Mr. MillsDavis (Project10X) & Mr. MikeBennett (Hypercube; EDM Council)     (1C)

Panelists:     (1D)

  • Mr. MillsDavis (Project10X) - "A precis of several case examples"     (1E)
  • Mr. GregBardwell (Innovative Query) - "An open semantic platform for content intelligence and smart applications case example"     (1F)
  • Mr. ChuckRehberg (Trigent) - "An ontology/rules driven custom-manufacturing case example"     (1G)
  • Mr. Jeff (Yefim) Zhuk (Sallie Mae) - "Integration of Multiple Systems from Multiple Companies"     (1H)
  • Mr. MikeBennett (EDM Council) - "A financial systemic risk pilot"     (1I)

Abstract     (1K)

OntologySummit2011 Theme: "Making the Case for Ontology"     (1K1)

  • Track-2 Focus: "Applications & Use Cases"     (1K2)
  • Session Title: Harvesting the Business Value of Ontologies: Recent Case Examples     (1K3)

This is our 6th Ontology Summit, a joint initiative by NIST, Ontolog, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD. The theme adopted for this Ontology Summit is: "Making the Case for Ontology."     (1K4)

This year's Ontology Summit seeks to address the need to provide concrete evidence of successful deployment of ontologies by examining several application domains for such examples, and in better articulating where different "strengths" of ontological representation are best applied. To support that, the summit also aims to classify the categories of applications where ontology has been, and could be, successfully applied; to identify distinct types of metrics that might be used in evaluating the return on investment in an ontology application (cost, capability, performance, etc.); to lay out some strategies for articulating a case for ontological applications; and to identify remaining challenges and roadblocks to a wider deployment of such applications that represent promising application areas and research challenges for the future. The findings of the summit will be documented in the form of a communiqu�� intended for public consumption.     (1K5)

The Panel Session today is organized by our Track-2 co-champions, who will be featuring several case examples that will illustrate different ways that ontologies are being used today to deliver value in real-world applications.     (1K6)

See developing details on this Summit series of events at: OntologySummit2011 (home page for this summit)     (1K7)

Agenda     (1L)

Ontology Summit 2011 - Panel Session-1     (1L1)

  • Session Format: this is a virtual session conducted over an augmented conference call     (1L2)

Proceedings     (1M)

Please refer to the above     (1M1)

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session    (1M2)

see raw transcript here.     (1M2A)

(for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)     (1M2B)

Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.     (1M2C)

-- begin in-session chat-transcript --     (1M2D)

Welcome to the Ontology Summit 2011: Panel Session-1 "Applications and Case Studies - I" - Thu 2011-01-27     (1M2F)

Summit Theme: Ontology Summit 2011: "Making the Case for Ontology"     (1M2G)

Session Title: Harvesting the Business Value of Ontologies: Recent Case Examples     (1M2H)

Session Co-chairs: Mr. Mills Davis (Project10X) & Mr. Mike Bennett (Hypercube; EDM Council)     (1M2I)

Please refer to details on the session page at:     (1M2J)

In particular, speaker slides can be found under:     (1M2L)

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Peter P. Yim: Mills Davis is speaking ... now on slide#3     (1M2Y)

Yu Lin: what's the name of this app (slide #3)?     (1M2Z)

Mike Bennett: cambridge semantics, not sure of the app     (1M2AA)

Steve Ray: Slide 3 is the Excel spreadsheet plug-in offered by Cambridge Semantics.     (1M2AB)

Steve Ray: Anzo Solutions Suite, from Cambridge Semantics, with "Anzo for Excel" which was slide 3.     (1M2AC)

Al Stevens: Cambridge Semantics Anzo app is described at:     (1M2AD)

Arturo Sanchez: @MillsDavis: is there publicly available information about implementation details of     (1M2AF)

any of these projects?     (1M2AG)

Arturo Sanchez: ArturoSanchez@MillsDavis: do you know of success stories--associated with using     (1M2AH)

ontology-driven approaches--in the healthcare industry?     (1M2AI)

Steve Ray: @MillsDavis: Do any of your examples have quantified benefits, i.e. measured in $ or some     (1M2AJ)

other number?     (1M2AK)

Mike Bennett: hopefully the detailed case studies should reflect that     (1M2AL)

Peter P. Yim: Next up is Greg Bardwell ... slide [2-Bardwell]     (1M2AM)

anonymous morphed into Ram D. Sriram     (1M2AN)

Peter P. Yim: Greg Bardwell, slide #8 - Case-1 ref.     (1M2AO)

Peter P. Yim: Chuck Rehberg is presenting - goto slide [3A-Rehberg]     (1M2AP)

anonymous morphed into Pavithra Kenjige     (1M2AQ)

Nicola Guarino: I have to rush now, great presentations! Pointers to any public info on project     (1M2AR)

details appreciated.     (1M2AS)

Mike Bennett: OK, thanks Nicola     (1M2AT)

Peter P. Yim: @MikeBennett & @MillsDavis - since Jeff Zhuk has a time constraint, maybe we could consider     (1M2AU)

having Jeff come on in between GregBardwell's two cases (assuming they are quite independent)     (1M2AV)

Peter P. Yim: @ChuckRehberg & @MillsDavis - ok with you both? please say so if there are other     (1M2AX)

constraints that would trump this     (1M2AY)

Peter P. Yim: @MikeBennett - Chuck probably wouldn't notice this ... maybe Mills is focusing on     (1M2AZ)

something else, please jumps in as Chuck finishes up on this "Natural Language" case     (1M2AAA)

Peter P. Yim: @JeffZhuk - please standby     (1M2AAC)

YefimZhuk: ok     (1M2AAD)

Peter P. Yim: next up is Yefim (Jeff) Zhuk - goto slide [4-Zhuk] under     (1M2AAE)

ChuckRehberg's second case later (after JeffZhuk's presentation, as Jeff has to rush to another     (1M2AAG)

Ram D. Sriram: @Chuck: Do you have any metrics comparing your rule engine to Rete-based systems. (See,     (1M2AAI)

anonymous morphed into Allen     (1M2AAK)

Peter P. Yim: @Everyone who is joining us for the first time and don't have a "namesake page" on our     (1M2AAL)

wiki, please populate that page so the rest of the community can get to know you. ... Kindly refer     (1M2AAM)

to instructions at this paragraph if you are new to this wiki flavor     (1M2AAN)

have any question.     (1M2AAP)

Allen morphed into Allen Xiang     (1M2AAQ)

Peter P. Yim: Thank you, Allen     (1M2AAR)

Allen Xiang: You are welcome.     (1M2AAS)

Yu Lin: Allen is in our team, we work in biomedical track of applying ontologies. We are from the     (1M2AAT)

University of Michigan Medical School. I'll put something into the wiki page linked to my name. I     (1M2AAU)

will provide more details relevant to ontologies.     (1M2AAV)

Peter P. Yim: @YuLin - thank you     (1M2AAW)

Yu Lin: @Peter, you are welcome.     (1M2AAX)

Peter P. Yim: next up is Chuck Rehberg on his second case - goto slide [3B-Rehberg]     (1M2AAZ)

Mike Bennett: @MillsDavis @PeterYim I can do my talk at a later date if this helps timing     (1M2AAAA)

YefimZhuk: Chuck, Peter, Mike, Thank you for moving me up and allowing to speak. I have to leave     (1M2AAAB)

now. Talk to you later.     (1M2AAAC)

Peter P. Yim: Thank you very much, Jeff ... bye     (1M2AAAE)

Ram D. Sriram: @Chuck: How big is your search space? Do you have any examples of ontologies and rules     (1M2AAAF)

used in the truck configuration system. Do you have any metrics on the systems usage (e.g., how much     (1M2AAAG)

is this used and how well is this helping the company to compete?). How do you evaluate the     (1M2AAAH)

ontologies?     (1M2AAAI)

Chuck Rehberg: @Ram - My answers in [] below     (1M2AAAJ)

- How big is your search space? [In terms of possible configurations?]     (1M2AAAK)

- Do you have any examples of ontologies and rules used in the truck configuration system.     (1M2AAAL)

[Unfortunately cant share this]     (1M2AAAM)

- Do you have any metrics on the systems usage (e.g., how much is this used and how well is this     (1M2AAAN)

helping the company to compete?). [100% of all vehicles are configured using this system]     (1M2AAAO)

- How do you evaluate the ontologies? [based on value (amount of use) in product delivery]     (1M2AAAP)

Bobbin Teegarden: Yes, please do have Mike's presentation now.     (1M2AAAQ)

Yu Lin: what's the name of this UML tool?     (1M2AAAR)

Peter P. Yim: @MikeBennett - question above from Yu Lin was in reference to your slide#5     (1M2AAAS)

Brian Haugh: Slide 5 title identifies the UML modeling tool as "Enterprise Architect"     (1M2AAAT)

Mike Bennett: @YuLin - enterprise architect from sparx     (1M2AAAU)

Brian Haugh: What is "MBS" on slides 11 and 12?     (1M2AAAW)

Mike Bennett: MBS = mortgage backed security     (1M2AAAX)

Mills Davis: MBS = mortgage backed securities     (1M2AAAY)

Yu Lin: @MikeBennett - Is your data model in OWL?     (1M2AAAZ)

Mike Bennett: @YuLin - not in native OWL/RDF yet but folks working on that     (1M2AAAAA)

Chuck Rehberg: Need to drop off - sorry for leaving early - thanks to all -Chuck     (1M2AAAAC)

Todd Schneider: @MikeBennett - Is Enterprise Architect (EA) working on supporting OWL?     (1M2AAAAD)

Mike Bennett: @Todd I don't know. We are however talking to OMG with whom EA is a member, with a view     (1M2AAAAE)

to formalizing a lot of what we've done.     (1M2AAAAF)

Jim Rhyne: Mike's ontology is developed using Enterprise Architect. Sandpiper Software has been     (1M2AAAAG)

working with Mike to export his ontology as OWL RDF/XML     (1M2AAAAH)

Jim Rhyne: You can contact me for details.     (1M2AAAAI)

Mike Bennett: And when the Sandpiper export is done this will become the canonical OWL version of our     (1M2AAAAJ)

ontology. However some features like Archetypes are beyond OWL and will require additional     (1M2AAAAK)

annotation.     (1M2AAAAL)

Yu Lin: @Mike, you mentioned the Michigan State Univeristy     (1M2AAAAM)

Mike Bennett: @YuLin - yes, Michigan State U - BillMcCarthy's REA ontology. We used that as the basis     (1M2AAAAN)

for transactions, including OTC derivatives     (1M2AAAAO)

Yu Lin: @mike, Thanks.     (1M2AAAAP)

Yu Lin: It's a great meeting. Gave us a lot of inspirations for our projects. Thanks. See you next week.     (1M2AAAAQ)

Peter P. Yim: Fantastic session ... bye everyone ... see you next Thursday!     (1M2AAAAR)

Peter P. Yim: -- session ended; 11:33am PST --     (1M2AAAAS)

-- end of in-session chat-transcript --     (1M2AAAAT)

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Attendees     (1Q)

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