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Bart Gajderowicz     (1)

PhD Candidate, 2017     (1A)

Industrial Engineering     (1B)

University of Toronto     (1C)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada     (1D)

email:     (1F)

Background:     (1G)

Bart is currently a PhD student in the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Dr. Mark Fox and Dr. MichaelGruninger.     (1H)

He received his MSc in Computer Science from Ryerson University, under the supervision of Dr. Alireza Sadeghian and Dr. Mikhail Soutchanski. Thesis topic focused on semi-automated ontology matching through machine learning.     (1I)

As the Senior Research Assistant, he collaborated on research projects with Dr. Hossein Rahnama at the Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing Lab.     (1J)

Bart has also worked professionally as a developer for Toronto Dominion Bank's Merchant Services and Dispute Resolution groups, and designed and developed various internet based applications, focusing on Semantic Technologies, Natural Language Processing, Social Networks and Content Management Systems.     (1K)

Relevant Experience     (1L)

MSc from Ryerson University in Computer Science:     (1M)

Ryerson University     (1N)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada     (1O)

email:     (1Q)

Software Engineer, Semantic Technologies     (1R)

Eqentia Inc.     (1S)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada     (1T)

email:     (1V)

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