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Good Reads and Resources - Recommended by Ontolog Members     (1)

Please list the recommendations with their title, author, and web link. Kindly identify the person making the recommendation, and either provide the link to a dated context when that recommendation was given, or simply make a short statement why the piece is recommended and then date the recommendation. --ppy / Aug.2004     (1A)

Recommendations made on this page should be reviewed and made by someone other than the author. Of course, one is welcomed to recommend one's own work on his/her namesake page. --ppy / Mar. 2005     (1B)

Pertinent Theory, Knowledge Representation & Ontological Engineering     (1C)

..."please add new recommendations, or start new sections here, or below" ...     (1C15)

Ontology & Ontological Engineering for Standards and Related Resources     (1D)

  • An encyclopedia of nearly 400 pages on Knowledge Management and IT terms, definitions and acronyms compiled by a Navy Program Executive Office for Information Technology and based on first hand experience. It is written by Neal J. Pollack and appears to based on a 1987 original publication with considerable updates. The definitions are well written and exampled and includes weblinks to additional resources as well as other published resources. Also and for no apparent reason is included with every definition is a whimsical saying that is great for thought and laughs and the source for each is included. -- recommended by Cecelia Hickel, 2004.06.23     (1D1)
  • Here is a website for comparing the XML-based eCommerce standards to pre-existing standards ASC X12 which boasts more than 315 electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction sets, developed, integrated and tested over the last 25 years. However, this "Standards Effort" appears to be a somewhat of a counter effort to the ebXML in that while in agreement to follow the ebXML standards, the X12 version includes additional structures in their components while claiming X12 is more defined as to meanings of semantics. -- recommended by Cecelia Hickel, 2004.06.23     (1D2)

Articles and Resources on Ontology Applications     (1E)

Ontological Engineering for Healthcare Industry / Health Sciences / Medical Informatics and Related Resources     (1F)

E-Government and Related Resources     (1G)

(This section was initiated by Cecelia Hickel in her post of June 3, 2004 under the subject "e-Gov Links of Interest". All links came from that post, unless otherwise identified. -- Thanks, Cecelia.)     (1G1)

Ontolog Review of Books (and Stuff)     (1I)

(This is a potential new project initiated by Bob Smith, with support from Pat Cassidy, and ...)     (1I1)

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