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ONTOLOG Going Forward - Thu 2014.06.26

Topic: The new ONTOLOG Board of Trustees meets the Community and presents its Vision and Plan for the next phase of ONTOLOG

Session Chairs: LeoObrst and AmandaVizedom

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  • Date: Thursday, 26-Jun-2014
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The Board of Trustees for Ontolog represents the vision, the highest level leadership, the top executive and the ultimate decision making body for the Ontolog Community of Practice.


  • To ensure that the Ontolog Community of Practice stays focused on its mission and principles, as described in the Ontolog Charter.
  • To ensure that the Ontolog Community thrives, succeeds, and grows as an active contributor to progress in the areas of its mission
  • To support Ontolog as an effective, open, independent, and collaborative, knowledge-building and knowledge-sharing community.


  • To serve as a resource for high-level advice, guidance, and assistance to specific Ontolog activities (such as committees, special projects, working groups, seminars, workshops, and extended series of the same)
  • To prioritize Ontolog efforts and resources in accordance with this mission.
  • To undertake strategic planning and review on behalf of the Ontolog Community.
  • To serve as a decision-making body of last resort, when a decision is required and the Ontolog Community of Practice is unable to reach a decision by consensus, or when specific Ontolog activities are unable to do so by the processes they have designated.
  • To meet on a regular basis to review the status and needs of Ontolog and its activities and to take actions needed in support of the same.

(The abstract above is from the Terms of Reference that will be presented at this meeting.)

Agenda & Proceedings



Chat Transcript

[09:30] AlexShkotin: Hi All!

[09:30] David Blevins: I'm also on the call. muted

[09:32] LeoObrst2: Sorry, can't find admin password.

[09:34] PeterYim: don't worry, the conf bridge has been started, just dial-in +1 (206) 402-0100 ... PIN: 141184#

[09:34] AmandaVizedom: Slides are here:

[09:34] David Blevins: ah I see. agenda section

[09:36] ToddSchneider: All, I'm in another meeting but will only be able to communicate via chat.

[09:36] DavidBlevins: The E.T.s seem to have taken over the conference line....

[09:36] MikeBennett: Daleks I think.

[09:36] ChristiKapp: I do not think that I have a "remove the ET" filter for editing.

[09:38] ToddSchneider: Who's taking minutes?

[09:38] Mark Underwood (Krypton): Impressive attendance

[09:38] AmandaVizedom: *** Leo Obrst presenting Introduction ***

[09:41] AlexShkotin: Thanks, Peter!

[09:43] ChristiKapp: @ToddSchneider - I am recording the session (and I hope others are also, since I only have a way to record one stream) and will be processing it after the session. I will also be posting an edited chat transcript on the Wiki later this evening or tomorrow morning . Neither of those are official "minutes" however

[09:43] PeterYim: @Leo [slide#3], AlexShkotin [9:41] and All: the honor is all mine!

[09:43] ToddSchneider: Is Ontolog registered in some fashion (e.g., non-profit)?

[09:44] SimonSpero: If anyone has a suitable 501(c)(3) ,

[09:44] PeterYim: @ChristiKapp - I am recording (two versions) the session too.

[09:45] PeterYim: @ToddSchneider [9:43]: no, Ontolog is *not* incorporated

[09:45] ToddSchneider: Chrsti, since I can't listen I'm hoping salient points of the discussion will be posted in the chat (so I can keep up).

[09:45] ChristiKapp: We are on Slide 5

[09:46] AmandaVizedom: I believe that creating such a 501(c)(3) is something that has been mentioned, but not pursued. Doing so comes some overhead burden. There may be good reasons to consider it more seriously; that's a conversation we can certainly have.

[09:47] ChristiKapp: Slide 6

[09:48] DavidBlevins: how do we go about volunteering

[09:48] ChristiKapp: Yes I can handle audio and chat, however I need a backup or two.

[09:49] ChristiKapp: You can volunteer now in the chat room, or we can organize sessions for those that are interested in volunteering.

[09:50] AmandaVizedom: If you'd like to volunteer for certain tasks or areas, it would be very helpful if you could put that in the chat, with a summary of what sorts of things you would be willing and able to do.

[09:51] PeterYim: when volunteering, please include your email address too, unless you have been very active with the community (as we are not sure we have your latest/preferred email address on record)

[09:52] ChristiKapp: Yes, Christi will step up for other sessions also

[09:53] KenBaclawski: It would be helpful to have a volunteers meeting. I am working on capturing the procedures and conventions that PeterYim has developed over the years at

[09:53] DavidBlevins: dblevins at willing to assist with administrative tasks, support, etc.

[09:53] ChristiKapp: @ToddSchneider - go back to the agenda slide on p. 2 . Amanda will now discuss the BoT terms of reference

[09:54] ChristiKapp:

[09:55] PeterYim: == AmandaVizedom presents the Board of Trustees (BoT) Terms of Reference ...

[09:56] AmandaVizedom: Ontolog Charter

[09:56] PeterYim: or

[09:56] anonymous morphed into BartGajderowicz

[09:57] DavidBlevins: FYI, my wiki entry shows my work email. It is also valid, but I would prefer to be contacted via my IEEE address for volunteer activities

[09:57] TerryLongstreth1: @Amanda: UBL?

[09:57] MikeBennett: Universal Business Language I assume?

[09:58] ChristiKapp: We are at

[09:59] TerryLongstreth1: Why the emphasis on a particular implementation approach or model?

[09:59] PeterYim: @TerryLongstreth1 [9:57] - Yes UBL ( ) ... that's a historic artifact; the original Ontolog mailing list spun-off from the OASIS-UBL [ubl-ontolog] mailing list back in 2002

[10:00] ChristiKapp: We are at

[10:01] ChristiKapp: We are at

[10:01] PeterYim: @TerryLongstreth1 [9:59] - which "particular implementation approach or model?" ... are your referring to the clause: "3. To support Ontolog as an effective, open, independent, and collaborative, knowledge-building and knowledge-sharing community"

[10:03] ChristiKapp: We are at now

[10:04] ChristiKapp:

[10:05] ChristiKapp:

[10:06] ChristiKapp: We are now at

[10:09] PeterYim: == BoT members will individually present his/her vision and plans ...

[10:09] ChristiKapp: == MatthewWest presenting

[10:10] ChristiKapp: Slide 2

[10:10] PeterYim: again, see slides under:

[10:11] ChristiKapp: Slide 3

[10:12] ChristiKapp: Slide 4

[10:13] ChristiKapp: == AmandaVizedom presenting her Background and Vision

[10:13] ChristiKapp: Slide 2

[10:14] PeterYim: @ChristiKapp - the fine granular status post on the chat is good for real time, but probably not very useful (and maybe even distracting) in the historic archives ... therefore, you might consider removing them in the final edited version of the archived transcript

[10:15] PeterYim: ^ removing some of that (like "Slide 2", etc.)

[10:15] ChristiKapp: @PeterYim - agreed - this is for the person without audio right now only

[10:15] ToddSchneider: Christi, Thank you for the 'granularity'!

[10:17] TerryLongstreth1: @PeterYim: Sorry Peter, I thought the initial "charter" page was part of the new enterprise. I looked like the new board was planning to focus on UBL. I can't even find the page I saw it on 20 minutes ago.

[10:17] ChristiKapp: Slide 3

[10:19] ChristiKapp: Slide 4

[10:19] John Sowa: Forty minutes have elapsed, and we have more people to hear from. Perhaps we should summarize quickly instead of reading every detail on every slide.

[10:20] PeterYim: @TerryLongstreth1 [10:17] - you probably meant - that Charter has been around for a while ... see version history at:

[10:20] ChristiKapp: == MichaelGruninger Presenting

[10:20] ChristiKapp: Slide 2

[10:21] ChristiKapp: Slide 3

[10:22] ChristiKapp: Slide 4

[10:27] ChristiKapp: == MikeDean Presenting

[10:27] ChristiKapp: slide 2

[10:28] ChristiKapp: slide 3

[10:29] ChristiKapp: slide 4

[10:31] ChristiKapp: == KenBaclawski presenting

[10:31] ChristiKapp: slide 2

[10:36] ChristiKapp: == MikeBennett presenting slide 2

[10:38] ChristiKapp: slide 3

[10:39] TerryLongstreth1 morphed into TerryLongstreth

[10:43] ToddSchneider: Is there is any notion that Ontolog becomes part of IAOA?

[10:46] ChristiKapp: == LeoOrbst slide 2

[10:46] ChristiKapp: slide 3

[10:47] PeterYim: @ToddSchneider [10:43]: personally, I believe Ontolog has a broader scope compared to that of IAOA ... also Ontolog is cast as a community of practice (CoP in the John Seely Brown sense - see: ) where being informal is a key tenet; IAOA as a society for professionals, probably wants/needs to be more formal ... but that's just my take ... the BoT makes the call now

[10:48] ChristiKapp: slide 4

[10:48] MikeBennett: @Peter i'm inclined to agree - the value of Ontolog is that it is what it is.

[10:48] ToddSchneider: Peter, okay. But is 'informality' mentioned in the charter?

[10:49] PeterYim: no, but "CoP" (with the proper reference) is there

[10:50] PeterYim: ... (cont'd) ref. &

[10:51] ChristiKapp: ==JohnSowa presenting

[10:51] PeterYim: slide 2

[10:53] PeterYim: slide 3

[10:55] MikeBennett: To John Sowa's point re email lists (slide 3), there are also Google+ groups covering some of these kinds of interest - is that something we could consider integrating with as well? Also blogs.

[10:56] JoelBender: @ MikeBennett I would be happy - nay, delighted - to create a G+ community

[10:56] SimonSpero: Does John mean a forum rather than a wiki

[10:57] AlexShkotin: Catalog is a good begining.

[10:57] SimonSpero:

[10:58] AlexShkotin: @SimonSpero, exactly - forum is good!

[10:58] ChristiKapp: == TillMossakowski presenting slide 2

[10:59] JoelBender: I post things to my Ontolog circle which includes some folks, and Amanda has been re-sharing things and I've been picking up some of those folks to add to my circle. It's uncoordinated. Even if an Ontolog G+ community was just a report of ontolog-invitation mailing list traffic, it might be worth doing.

[10:59] MikeBennett: @Joel sounds like a great idea.

[10:59] AmandaVizedom: I would like to see us form a group/committee to gather Ontolog's (a)requirements and (b)desiderata (may be alternative sets) for continuous communications (what the wiki and email list do now, plus) .... and then to gather infrastructure options that support different combinations of these in various ways. IMHO, we should be looking at many kinds of forum support platforms and combinations/integrations of these that fundamentally change the options and trade-offs.

[11:00] MikeBennett: @Amanda I think that would be the right way to take these ideas forward.

[11:03] JoelBender:

[11:04] AmandaVizedom: Folks have been mentioning great ideas on both fronts (requirements-desiderata such as effective search and availability of archives and platforms such as (purple) semantic wiki, google+ communities, stackoverflow). The full community is full of these ideas and they deserve exploration.

[11:04] MikeBennett: I'm very interested in the ideas TillMossakowski is describing in Slide 3. It would be a great industry benefit to see a consensual set of interoperable ontologies (aligned at the level of concepts). There are plenty of homes for the more syntactical problem areas, but not this.

[11:04] PeterYim: == Q&A and Open Discussion - All - Moderators: LeoObrst & AmandaVizedom

[11:04] anonymous morphed into Chuck Rehberg

[11:05] Robert Powers: Four years is a very long time.

[11:05] Ram D. Sriram: Structure is fine with me.

[11:05] John Sowa: Mike, I wouldn't want to exclude any group that is addressing anything related to ontology.

[11:06] John Sowa: Some technologies might be easier to integrate with PSMW than others.

[11:06] John Sowa: But those issues are worth exploring.

[11:06] SimonSpero: As a side comment: google hangouts on air may work for real time communications

[11:06] SimonSpero:

[11:07] DavidBlevins: Agreed on Google hangouts

[11:08] SimonSpero: Phone bridging:

[11:09] DavidBlevins: A lot of information to digest - nothing to contribute currently. Would be interested in continued examination of applied ontologies and ontology engineering in the future (much like this year's summit)

[11:09] SimonSpero: hangouts on air uses youtube for mass streaming; limited number of panelists in hangout at any one time

[11:11] SimonSpero: Wiki farming is probably out of scope for ontolog - there's always wikia:

[11:12] MikeBennett: ... and methodology / best practice guidelines as they emerge.

[11:12] MikeBennett: (in relation to all of the above)

[11:13] MikeBennett: @John good point, we should include links into OntoIOP and OMG.

[11:14] John Sowa: By the way, I was definitely *not* talking about wiki farming. I was advocating a coalition or federation of interest groups on topics related to ontology.

[11:14] MikeBennett: (that was in relation to [14:05])

[11:15] MikeBennett: @MichaelGruninger +1 for a miniseries on ontology mapping, upper ontologies "where are they now" and bring to bear some of our lessons from the 2014 Ontology Summit in that regard.

[11:15] John Sowa: Those groups could be hosted anywhere in the world, and they would include email lists as well as wikis. Ontolog has both.

[11:17] JoelBender: @DavidBlevins, @SimonSpero - we can try a Thursday session (maybe 30 mins before or after) for a hangout

[11:17] JoelBender: I will schedule an Event for a Hangout on the new Community

[11:17] PeterYim: @SimonSpero [11:09], KenBaclawski (your slides 3 & 4) and All - the issue with using a IP-based only platform for phone conferencing (besides the number of participant limitation before it moves over to a paid service) is that we have participants from individuals and academia (more open and flexible) corporate & government (more hung-up; a lot of them still do not allow, connections to social/VoIP conferencing, in the workplace) ... the earlier evaluation (actually not too long ago) landed us on ITS2 as the conf-bridge provider of choice for good reasons, because it supported both phones (POTS) as well as skype.

[11:20] DavidBlevins: Reiterating my interest in volunteering - contact me through dblevins at . Believe I could do the 3rd

[11:21] MikeBennett: I think we should certainly have one or more Thursday sessions before things go quiet in August, so people see the momentum and get a sense of where the community is going.

[11:22] Mark Underwood (Krypton): 3rd is good for me; A kickoff meeting helps to give this priority, even if not truly needed (i.e., social value)

[11:22] DavidBlevins: I have to drop off. Informative session, look forward to seeing developments

[11:22] JulitaBermejoAlonso: I can volunteer too. Good for me on the 3rd. Just let me know how I can help

[11:22] MikeBennett: 3 July is good for me and I'm happy to identify areas where I can put the work in.

[11:23] KenBaclawski: I will set up a doodle poll and will send the information out by email and on the session page.

[11:23] AmandaVizedom: I'm not against a virtual kickoff session; I'm in favor of getting things rolling a bit before that is is possible, if we would otherwise be waiting too long. :-)

[11:23] DougHolmes: Thanks Peter; thanks to the new BoT

[11:23] MikeBennett: one of the things to think about is how to keep encouraging people - something Peter has been extremely good at.

[11:24] PeterYim: great session! ... Congratulations to the new BoT!

[11:24] MikeBennett: And to you!

[11:25] AmandaVizedom: Thanks everyone - your participation is the heart, and the driver, of this community.

[11:25] Mark Underwood (Krypton): If the poll solicits possible CoI's that might stimulate interest

[11:26] Mark Underwood (Krypton): Thanks all, and Peter especially

Audio Recording

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