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Session Climate Change
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time 01 Jun 2022 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ravi Sharma
Track Environmental Disasters

Ontology Summit 2022 Climate Change

Dealing with Disasters

The COVID-19 pandemic as well as other pandemics and disasters have prompted an impressive, worldwide response by governments, industry, and the academic community. Ontologies can play a significant role in search, data description, interoperability and harmonization of the increasingly large data sources that are relevant to disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ontology Summit 2022 examined the overall landscape of disasters and related ontologies. A framework consisting of a set of dimensions was developed to characterize this landscape. The framework was applied to health-related disasters, environmental disasters, as well as aerospace and cyberspace disasters. It was found that there are many cross-domain linkages between different kinds of disasters and that ontologies developed for one kind of disaster can be repurposed for other kinds. A representative sample of projects that have been developing and using ontologies for disaster monitoring and response management is presented to illustrate best practices and lessons learned. The Communiqué ends by presenting the findings and recommendations of the summit.


  • HSM Prakash, Ph. D. Geological Truth behind Climate Change Slides
    • Climate change is the current topic of discussion all over the world. Extreme climatic variations in most unexpected areas such as snowfall in deserts, unprecedented floods in urban areas and landslides in hilly areas are not only becoming fatal and economic loss but are also posing a challenge to the concerned scientists to interpret the phenomenon properly. It is possible when we understand the whole issue holistically.
    • One of the theories in recent times explains this kind of change due to excessive CO2 emissions. But when we examine the drastic climate changes in the geological past over millions of years we find that there were natural reasons for the change. Such changes are active even today in the form of volcanic eruptions of major super volcanoes on land. But there are thousands of active submarine volcanoes under water about which the climate scientists and meteorologists never looked into. Through my studies in the last six years with the help of some state of the art scientific apps like Volcanoes and earthquakes, the interface between lithospheric changes and meteorological changes are comprehended with the help of a synthesis of plate tectonics, volcanology, submarine geology, igneous petrology and magma chemistry. This new interdisciplinary science is termed Geometeorology for the first time in the world. This hypothesis is published as a concept note in the Feb21 issue of the Journal of the Geological Society of India and it is applied successfully in case of deluge and landslide tragedy in Kodagu-Kerala State in India in 2019 to 2022 period. Thus it is possible to predict monsoon events and major cyclones in relation to major(VEI 4 and above) volcanic eruptions- both sub aerial and sub marine. This kind of focus/intensive/extensive studies in all countries with reference to volcanism around them on a day to day basis will help us to understand the nature of the monsoons and hurricanes in relation to El Nino and La Nina phenomenon which are actually caused by the burners under water more than the solar radiation. Moreover Global warming theory alias greenhouse effect theory does not address all aspects of climate change. IPCC reports are under questioning by most scientists. Hence the CO2 cause for the effect we see needs to be replaced by Geometeorology theory.
    • Dr Prakash obtained his MS and Ph.D. at Bangalore university in India. He recently retired from the Geological Survey of India, where he carried research and field work on Deccan Trap, explorations of gold, rare earth, molybdenum and phosphorite deposits, etc. He was also faculty member to train new geologists. He has been also a Director in Ministry of mines. He lectures on related topics as an expert.

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