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Modeling Benchmark Challenge Project Home Page     (1)

Most Critical Task(s) At Hand     (1A)

  • One of first tasks is to create an ontology to describe and manage the content resulting from the Model-Challenge Project. We will need to do a certain amount of semantic searching to find examples with specific properties. Possibly we need a preliminary classification of modeling examples, e.g., composite structure or system, federation, with attributes which can be used to specialize the classes such as ��hastemporalaspect��. Also one needs more standard metadata attributes such as ��haslanguage representation��, ��producedBy��, ��variantOF��, etc.     (1A1)

What's New     (1B)

Key Date(s) to Note     (1C)

Project Mission / Charter     (1E)

  • The mission of the Model-Challenge Project is to provide capability analysis that enables the evolution of modeling languages to meet the challenges of representing applications, and the users of these languages to make better models. Special emphasis will be placed on engineering, science, and enterprise applications. The project will focus on collecting concrete modeling examples, representing them in one or more modeling languages. The results of the modeling experiments will be used to better understand what language constructions are available and where extensions to modeling and ontology languages are needed. The analysis will also contribute to the development of formal semantics for modeling languages.     (1E1)

Deliverables & Deadlines     (1F)

Project Work-in-Progress     (1F2)

Model Cory��s European marriage. The model is to describe one or more marriages. As Cory notes it has a few wrinkles. A description can be found at:     (1F2B)

Hopefully, the model will be expressed in at least FOL, OWL, and some UML variant.     (1F2C)

This is a good example to raise the issue of model (ontology) quality.     (1F2D)

Project Plan     (1F3)

The Team     (1G)

Discussion Archives & Shared-File Workspace     (1H)

Resources     (1I)

Conference Call, Meeting & Workshop     (1J)

  • ...(list and link to agenda & proceedings pages here)...     (1J1)

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