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[ontolog] Member Conference Call - Thu 2007-04-19     (1)

  • Shared-screen support (VNC session), if applicable, will be started 5 minutes before the call at:     (1B5)
    • view-only password: "ontolog"     (1B5A)
    • if you plan to be logging into this shared-screen option (which the speaker or moderator may be avigating), and you are not familiar with the process, please try to call in 5 minutes before the start of the session so that we can work out the connection logistics. Help on this will generally not be available once the session has started.     (1B5B)
    • people behind corporate firewalls may have difficulty accessing this. If that is the case, please download any pertinent material and run it on your own desktop.     (1B5C)

Attendees     (1C)

    • ... to register for participation, please add your name (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the community) above, or e-mail <> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. ...     (1C3A)

Agenda Ideas     (1D)

(please insert items you would like to see covered here)     (1D1)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1F)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1F1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1F3)

3) Roll-call of participants     (1F5)

  • Welcome new Ontolog community members - especially those who have just joined the community.     (1F7)

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)     (1F8)

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues - item to be skipped     (1F12)

6) Follow-ups from previous calls - item to be skipped     (1F13)

7) Current Project Status Report - item to be skipped     (1F14)

8) Key Issues discussion:     (1F26)

9) New project proposals - item to be skipped     (1F30)

10) Sponsorship and funding - item to be skipped     (1F31)

11) Other business     (1F32)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn     (1F33)

minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim / 2007.04.19-11:59 am PDT     (1F37)

Attendees are requested to review the notes above, help clean it up, and make amendments and edits to better     (1F38)

reflect the proceedings of the session as they see fit (particularly where they are personally involved). =ppy     (1F39)

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