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Ontologizing Ontolog: Taxo-Thesaurus Project Home Page     (1)

Most Critical Task(s) At Hand     (1A)

What's New     (1B)

Key Date(s) to Note     (1C)

  • Face to Face Session at Protege Conference, Stanford University, July 23, 2006     (1C1)
  • Ontolog Forum Agenda and Slides for Thursday, May 25th     (1C2)
  • project commencement: 2006.04.20     (1C3)

Project Mission     (1E)

  • Design a roadmap from where we are today towards a taxonomy_thesaurus based means for some Users to access Ontolog's Body of Knowledge     (1E1)
    • Sketch 1 shows main pathways currently being explored (Google on "Ontologizing" for 12.8K hits)     (1E1A)
    • Sketch 2 may show a selected pathway/method     (1E1B)
    • Sketch 3 could show the schema etc for a working Taxo_Thesaurus Demonstration     (1E1C)
    • Sketch 4 solves some individual or team's "nasty problem" with grace and elegance OR illustrates what NOT TO DO     (1E1D)
  • Value Proposition (evolves)     (1E2)

Deliverables & Deadlines     (1F)

Project Work-in-Progress     (1F5)

  • For the ConferenceCall_2006_09_07 discussion, Bob Smith produced his general outline, revised goals and revised "pattern trees" as follows, for discussion:     (1F5D)

Project Plan OUTLINE     (1F6)

The Team     (1G)

Discussion Archives & Shared-File Workspace     (1H)

Resources     (1I)

Conference Call, Meeting & Workshop     (1J)

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