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[ontolog] Member Conference Call - Thu 2006-09-07     (1)

  • Subject: [ontolog] member conference call Thu 2006-09-07     (1A1)
  • Agenda Comments:     (1A7)
    • The key agenda items for this call will be to conduct our 'postmortem' on the "OntologizingOntolog"     (1A7A)

series ... and, in particular, pursue follow-ups for our OntologWorkshop_July_2006 and 'what's next' for the OntologTaxoThesaurus project.     (1A8)

Attendees     (1B)

Agenda Ideas (candidate items to be adopted into the agenda for discussion)     (1C)

  • The key agenda items for this call will be to conduct our 'postmortem' on the "OntologizingOntolog"     (1C1)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1E)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1E1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1E3)

3) Roll-call of participants     (1E5)

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)     (1E8)

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues - jumping straight to point 8     (1E11)

6) Follow-ups from previous calls     (1E12)

  • (from our 2006.08.03 call) - Rex to be posting the notes from the interactive portion of the 2006.07.23 workshop over the coming weekend.     (1E13)
  • postmortem of the "Ontologizing the Ontolog Body of Knowledge" series of events - see item 8 below (key discussion for this call)     (1E14)

7) Current Project Status Report     (1E17)

  • Status CctRepresentation and UblOntology project work     (1E18)
    • Steve: some people (like EvanWallace) at NIST are working on ebXML and use of ebXML registry, they would be interested in what has been done     (1E18A)

8) Key Issues discussion:     (1E30)

  • Discussion (cont'd)     (1E37)
    • Denise: how did the F2F workshop go?     (1E37A)
      • Kurt: we have the audio recording captured, still need post processing before we can post them     (1E37A1)
      • Rex: criteria - high / medium / low prioritization made ... Kurt will document (Peter: we've also got the whiteboard captured on pictures too!)     (1E37A2)
      • Denise: will look forward to see them.     (1E37A3)
      • Denise: I can take Bob's new tree structure as acets, and build them into profile(s) ... we should also go back to Lisa's suggested attribute     (1E37A4)
        • Denise & Peter: suggest we call for a developer with Lucene (an open source search engine) experience to join us in the project     (1E37A4A)
        • Peter: ref. the SemanticMediaWiki effort (e.g. ref. the Calendar example mentioned above), we could look towards using the extended semantic capabilities offered there.     (1E37A4B)
    • Peter: we need to better define our deliverables ... the current discussion is not granular enough yet. We need more specific use case scenarios, then properly defined deliverables ... we will then be in a position to identify gaps (resource, skillset, ...) that we would need to fill.     (1E37B)
    • Pat / Rex: synergies with others collegial institutions should be pursued - NIST, NCOR, SICoP, FEA-DRM, ...     (1E37C)
    • Jim: I'm wrestling with the same sort of issues building the "energy community", where I'm using Enegergy as the unifying concept - take a look, by clicking on "Energy Community" at:     (1E37D)

9) New project proposals     (1E38)

10) Sponsorship and funding     (1E39)

11) Other business     (1E40)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn     (1E41)

  • Our next meeting/call will be next Thu 2006.09.14 - Professor Alan Rector (from University of Manchester, UK) will be our invited speaker, giving his talk on "Terminologies and Ontologies: What are they for? What would it mean to QA an ontology?" - details at: ConferenceCall_2006_09_14 ... 'see' you all then!     (1E42)
  • this call adjourned 12:14 am PDT     (1E43)

minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim / 2006.09.07-12:15am PDT     (1E45)

Attendees are requested to review the notes above, help clean it up, and make amendments and edits to better     (1E46)

reflect the proceedings of the session as they see fit (particularly where they are personally involved). =ppy     (1E47)

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