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[ontolog] Member Conference Call - Thu 2005-04-07     (1)

  • Subject: [ontolog] member conference call Thu 2005-04-07     (1A1)

Attendees     (1B)

Agenda Ideas     (1C)

  • BobSmith's input:     (1C1)
    • 1) What might Ontolog members do regarding Brand Niemann's XML Syntax to Semantics in vertical sectors R4P ?     (1C1A)
    • 2) The 34 available Public Responses to Dr. Brailer's RFI may be a useful corpus for semantic analysis. Do we as an Ontolog Health team want to explore some parts of this puzzle?     (1C1B)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1E)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1E1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1E3)

3) Roll-call of participants     (1E5)

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)     (1E7)

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues     (1E12)

  • upgraded wiki system is in place. Note that one will need to login (or create an account if one hasn't already done so) before being one can edit a wiki page (hopefully, this, along with other enhancements, will help us keep our wiki site from spammers).     (1E14)
    • note, page-based Purple Numbers now overtaken by site-based PurpleNumbers. All members solicited to help update Purple Numbers links whenever they run into one. Old links will only take one to the right page, we'll have to adjust it so that they bring people back to the right paragraph.     (1E14A)
  • possibility of SMI/CIM setting up a collaborative Protege service on the CIM3 infrastructure - Peter will start a e-mail thread on the forum to discuss this     (1E15)
  • Adam will check with MichalSevcenko about having his new KSMSA - KIF editing environment hosted. Peter says CIM3 will be happy to host that (in addition to the SUO-KIF Browser) too.     (1E16)

6) Follow-ups from previous calls     (1E17)

7) Current Project Status Report     (1E19)

  • status report from Planning team     (1E25)
    • Kurt: scheduling a meeting - after the weekly calll next week (around 11:30am Thu 2005.04.14)     (1E25A)
    • team members: Kurt, Bob and Peter (try to get Leo too)     (1E25B)

8) project work session / discussion     (1E26)

9) New project proposals     (1E28)

10) Sponsorship and funding     (1E30)

11) Other business     (1E32)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn     (1E34)

minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim     (1E38)

ppy / 2005.04.07 11:18am PST     (1E39)

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