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ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees Meeting (n.04) - Thu 2014.08.07     (1)

Topic: ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees: regular meeting (n.04)     (1C)

Date and Time:     (2A)

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Attendees     (3)

Agenda     (4)

The main focus of this meeting will be: Future events and sessions planning.     (4A)

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session     (5)

[09:27] MichaelGruninger: Agenda:Roll call; review and adopt agenda Infrastructure Status Report Future Sessions planning, in particular, the Ontology-based Standards miniseries and possible sessions to continue the Rules,Reasoning,LP miniseries (4D) AOB (4E) Next meeting     (5A)

[09:38] PeterYim: AmandaVizedom volunteered to be scribe for this session, and will be chairing the next BoT meeting     (5B)

[09:39] MichaelGruninger: Summarize the issue about the domain name for Ontolog?     (5C)

[09:40] PeterYim: Michael / Mike: there is consensus to use the as the domain name for the future     (5D)

[09:41] MikeBennett: Ken's email: Unfortunately,, and are unavailable (and similarly for ontology.*)     (5E)

[09:42] MikeBennett: was available (may be ideal for a general place to find info)     (5F)

[09:42] PeterYim: KenBaclawski also mentioned that he can redirect others: like and (which he has also registered) to that as well     (5G)

[09:44] AmandaVizedom: Currently, the taken "ontolog" domains have potentially malicious squatters on them. For example, if you try to go to, Chrome will block it and warn that it contains malware...     (5H)

[09:47] AmandaVizedom: This is an issue because people will mistakenly go to the squatted domains and possibly be damaged. That may block using, for example.     (5I)

[09:48] AmandaVizedom: I believe that this is precisely why Ken registered all common variants of "OntologForum": in order to prevent malicious squatting on whichever we don't use.     (5J)

[09:49] AmandaVizedom: We can redirect the unused variants; possibly, we could also use them differently, along the lines suggested by John. Alternately, we may want to subdomains, down the road.     (5K)

[09:59] MichaelGruninger: Peter will send his summary of the Infrastructure Status to the Trustee list     (5L)

[10:02] John Sowa: I have to leave now.     (5M)

[10:07] PeterYim: once again, I urge that the BoT would enforce the continuation of the practice of employing the Ontolog-CWE (collaborative work environment - website, archived mailing-list, wiki and shared-file workspace) as a knowledge repository.     (5O)

[10:10] MichaelGruninger: Future Sessions planning     (5P)

[10:10] PeterYim: == Future Sessions planning ...     (5Q)

[10:11] MichaelGruninger: Upcoming sessions for the Ontology-based Standards miniseries:     (5R)

[10:11] MichaelGruninger: S3. Ontology-based Standards in Manufacturing [BobYoung, MichaelGruninger, RichardMartin] S5. Standards and Ontology Metadata [ElisaKendall, TerryLongstreth] S6. Ontologies for Social Networks [KenBaclawski, EricChan] S7. How ontologies can help with the formal specification of the natural language standards [SimonSpero, RichardMartin, MarkJohnson, KenBaclawski, AdamWyner] S8. Synthesis and harmonization of the ontologies and standards presented in the miniseries [???]     (5S)

[10:13] MichaelGruninger: Thursday dates: September 4 September 11 October 2 October 9 October 16 October 23 October 30 November 6     (5T)

[10:13] MichaelGruninger: November 13     (5U)

[10:15] MichaelGruninger: October 2 is the best date for S3. Ontology-based Standards in Manufacturing     (5V)

[10:15] MichaelGruninger: I am still waiting for responses about the other Ontology-based Standards sessions     (5W)

[10:19] MichaelGruninger: LeoObrst is waiting to hear from the organizers of the Rules,Reasoning,LP miniseries     (5X)

[10:20] MikeBennett: It would be good to have something which talks to cognitive science in ontologies, whether or not this aligns with the current use of buzzwords in "Cognitive Computing".     (5Y)

[10:21] AmandaVizedom: Ad-hoc suggestion: what is Cognitive Computing and how is it related to ontology?     (5Z)

[10:21] AmandaVizedom: Example event:     (5AA)

[10:22] AmandaVizedom: "Cognitive Computing Forum was designed to help you understand the new world of Cognitive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reasoning and next generation AI."     (5AB)

[10:24] PeterYim: I think the "Cognitive Computing" buzzword will stick ... it might even be a candidate topic for the next OntologySummit. ... Doing one session to drum up interest and explore is not a bad idea     (5AC)

[10:25] PeterYim: Amanda / Mike /Peter: the ONTOLOG community and its members are definitely active in that space     (5AD)

[10:32] MichaelGruninger: Solicit ontolog forum members for ideas/topics for upcoming sessions     (5AE)

[10:32] MichaelGruninger: Next BoT meeting will be either Sept 4 or 11, contingent on planning for Ontology-based Standards and Rules,Reasoning,LP miniseries     (5AF)

[10:35] MikeBennett: I see that SemTechBiz and the Cognitive Computing Forum event are organized by the same company     (5AG)

[10:35] PeterYim: this is likely my next-to-last regular BoT meeting attendance ... I will be doing some traveling after Sep-15 (and therefore, my target is to get all the migration work done by that date too!)     (5AH)

[10:36] PeterYim: -- session ended: 1:34pm EDT --     (5AI)

Scribe Notes (supplemental to chat transcript)     (6)

  • Agenda Adopted     (6A)
  • Infrastructure Status Report:     (6B)
    • KenBaclawski has registered a range of domain names. Issues discussed; see chat [09:39]-[09:49]. Agreement was reached to use as primary, maintain registration of dot-suffix variants to prevent squatting. For now, incoming traffic to those variants will be redirected to the .org primary URL. The possibility was left open that the variants may be used for different Ontolog-related purposes in the future. Similarly, the potential creation and use of select subdomains of was agreed not to need BoT discussion at this time and was left open.     (6B1)
    • PeterYim gave verbal status reports on transitions off of CIM3 infrastructure for various supported projects (IAOA, SoCoP, OOR,...). Biggest outstanding time: migration of OntologWiki to OntologPSMW and from CIM3 servers to Digital Ocean (primary server, which may be mirorred elsewhere). Peter's commitment [09:59] to sending email with this information was made good immediately via message to the ontolog-trustee mailing list; see].     (6B2)
    • Clarification was offered that the old OntologWiki is frozen for editing, accessible for reading. All new content should be on the OntologPSMW. Links to the OntologWiki archive should work; if a link appears to be dead, send a note to the list. Specific dead link noted by BoT member was determined to have a typo.     (6B3)
    • Name of today's session page was noted to omit any BoT qualifier; PeterYim suggested that this be changed, observing convention of leaving unqualified "Conference" for open sessions. There was general agreement. MichaelGruninger will change today's session page accordingly. [Follow-up: for convenience, AmandaVizedom made this change before editing this page to include chat transcript and scribe notes].     (6B4)
    • PeterYim noted a transition issue: documentation is being dropped. Examples include missing chat transcripts and audio from past sessions. It was agreed that the BoT needs to improve coverage, documentation, and understanding of these routine, important tasks.     (6B5)
    • AmandaVizedom reported on nascent effort to collect input regarding future ontolog infrastructure desiderata. In response to a issue regarding collection of input interactively on the Wiki, PeterYim suggested use of SemanticForms. Amanda will pursue this.     (6B6)
  • Upcoming Sessions: see chat starting at [10:10]     (6C)
  • Next meeting: September 4th or 11th, depending on planning for content sessions.     (6D)

Resources     (7)

Past Meetings     (8)

How To Join (while the session is in progress)     (9)

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