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ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees Meeting (n.02) - Thu 2014.06.19

Session Chair: KenBaclawski (Northeastern University)

Topic: Second Meeting of the ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees: Planning for ONTOLOG Infrastructure Support and Management

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Date and Time:

  • Date: Thursday, 19-June-2014
  • Start Time: 9:30am PDT / 12:30am EDT / 6:30pm CEST / 5:30pm BST / 1630 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: ~1.5 hours


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The main topics are concerned with infrastructure support and management as these need to be migrated from their current hosts mostly by the end of this month. We also need to plan the community session to be held next Thursday.

  • Plan for the Community Session to be held next week
  • Ontolog Community Wiki
    • Cloud hosting. Disadvantage is the cost.
      • Digital Ocean. Cost would be about $5 to $10/month.
      • AWS. Cost is comparable to Digital Ocean although somewhat higher.
    • Donated hosting. May have lower reliability than the cloud, and requires a sponsor.
    • Other suggestions
  • Maintenance of the Wiki and repository
    • Single volunteer at any one time.
    • Group of volunteers.
  • Conference Bridge Service
    • Skype is free but has a 25-caller limit.
    • Google Hangout is free but has a 15-caller limit.
    • Free conference services have a 1000-caller capacity, but require long-distance calls. They are not callable from Skype. They may charge for recording the call.
      • Some free conference services can be called from more than one country (i.e., it would not be an international call from the supported countries).
    • ITS2 conference service is $67 to $97/month, depending on the number of callers. Cost per year would be $900 to $1000. This is callable from Skype.
      • This is the current service. It is provided by Peter Yim until the end of June.
      • At a typical meeting, nearly all callers from out of the US use Skype and around 1/3 from within the US use Skype.
  • Ontolog Archive
    • Peter Yim will support read-only access to the current resources.
    • Mirroring would be desirable.
  • Ontolog Forum (discussion forum/mailing list)
    • Need to maintain a repository, possibly mirrored.
    • There are open source tools, such as GNU MailMan.
    • Need a volunteer or volunteers to manage it.
  • Board of Trustees Terms of Reference AmandaVizedom
  • AOB
  • Next meeting

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session

[09:35] PeterYim: [Ken] KenBaclawski will be scribe for this call too.

[09:39] MichaelGruninger: I'm not sure if there is a "new vision" so much as a new management structure

[09:42] MichaelGruninger: When I referred to the Jun26 session as a meta-meeting, I was referring to the idea that the session will outline how future sessions will be planned, as well as the scope of the Ontolog activities that will continue to be supported

[09:48] John Sowa: A plumber will be arriving at some point to fix a leak. I may have to leave abruptly.

[09:53] PeterYim: @LeoObrst & @AmandaVizedom - Leo will send out an announcement today or tomorrow ... ppy: the usual lists I would send the announcement are: ontolog-invitation, iaoa-general, protege-user and kmgov ... then a reminder to (in this case) ontolog-forum the day before the meeting

[09:57] John Sowa: Question: The Ontolog email list has 1000+ subscribers. How many of them have ever visited any of the wikis? How many have contributed anything?

[09:57] AmandaVizedom: John, to the best of my knowledge, there is no proposal for email to be eliminated.

[09:58] John Sowa: Amanda, I realize that. Peter said that he would continue to host Ontolog email list indefinitely.

[10:00] AmandaVizedom: There *is* a question whether we want to change online forum from existing wiki + email to something else (such as a threaded discussion forum with interactive capabilities, such as vote up/vote down and filtering), but I think it is generally accepted that email will be part of that picture.

[10:03] AmandaVizedom: FYI, comparison of wikis, including hosted:

[10:04] MichaelGruninger: I can provide a server that can host the wiki

[10:05] KenBaclawski: I will provide Internet connectivity and a subdomain of

[10:06] PeterYim: for Internet hosting, I am still in negotiation with MarkMusen, and will have a result later.

[10:07] John Sowa: Amanda, thanks for the list. Every wiki on that list is evidence of a group that was not satisfied with any of the others. That is not an encouraging sign.

[10:14] AmandaVizedom: I need to step away from call for a moment - back shortly.

[10:14] LeoObrst: I will contact Christy and ask her about maintaining the wiki for meetings, possibly among others.

[10:15] PeterYim: @Leo & All - ChristiKapp's training and relevant skillset is mainly in the post-processing of the meeting archives

[10:17] KenBaclawski: The scale of effort for maintenance is "factor of 4". So a 1 hour meeting requires 4 hours of effort.

[10:19] KenBaclawski: Everyone on the board should try to find volunteers for the maintenance team.

[10:21] PeterYim: [action] between KenBalcawski, ChristiKapp (upon her confirmation to Leo's request), LeoObrst and AmandaVizedom will be producing the Jun-26 BoT-debut community session

[10:24] AmandaVizedom: I am back.

[10:32] John Sowa: I discovered how to do a copy from the wiki: just right click to open a menu that has the copy option. But this is just one of many "speed bumps" in moving from one UI to another.

[10:36] John Sowa: All the Ontolog activities are related to applied ontology in one way or another. It makes sense for Ontolog to become affiliated with IAOA in one way or another.

[10:36] PeterYim: Michael: $402 (~300 Euro) needed to have the conference bridge service available for the rest of the year. Will bring this up at the next IAOA-EC meeting (on Jun-26) and advise IAOA's decision afterwards

[10:37] John Sowa: Since IAOA is a nonprofit org, they could accept targeted. tax-deductible donations.

[10:37] PeterYim: Ken, Till, Matthew, et al: would consider donations to cover this in case IAOA decides otherwise

[10:37] KenBaclawski: For the conference bridge we will first try to get IAOA to take responsibility. Only as a fallback will it be handled by an individual who will rely on being reimbursed via donations. KenBaclawski would do this if it is needed.

[10:42] KenBaclawski: My college will mirror the Ontolog archives.

[10:44] John Sowa: I have a call from the plumber. I have to go. Bye.

[10:45] PeterYim: Peter will (a) continue to serve the Ontolog mailing lists (and its archives), both historic and future, and (b) host the historic archives (but not the future production and archives, except those for the mailing lists)

[10:45] PeterYim: === Review and adopt BoT Terms of Reference ===

[10:45] AmandaVizedom:

[11:26] PeterYim: === next meeting ===

[11:32] PeterYim: BoT n.03 meeting - Thu Jul-10, same time - Chair: MikeBennett, Scribe: MichaelGruninger

[11:33] PeterYim: next meeting's agenda will also include event planning for the rest of the year

[11:33] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:31am PDT --


Past Meetings

  • 2014_05_22 - Thursday: Inaugural meeting of the newly formed ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees
  • 2014_05_08 - Friday: The "Future of ONTOLOG" Brainstorm Session

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