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UpperOntologySummit - Organizing Committee Conference Call 2006-03-02

Call Details

  • Date: Thursday, Mar. 2, 2006
  • Start Time: 12:30 PM PST / 3:30 PM EST / 20:30 UTC (World Clock)
  • Expected Call Duration: 1.5 hour
  • Dial-in Number: 1-641-696-6600 (Iowa)
  • Participant Access Code: "68656#"


  • Expecting:

Agenda (items to be discussed) Ideas

  • ...(please add suggested items here)...
  • engaging the 'real custodians'
  • PPY: getting buy-ins from the global standards community
  • Pat & PPY: wordsmith and adopt a one line statement of the UOS purpose

Agenda & Proceedings

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda

  • Steve Ray took the chair and welcomed everyone.

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes

3) Roll-call of participants - see above

4) Urgent matters to be attended to

  • get from them: -- Steve will also post this to the [uos-convene] list; only require responses from the 'custodians'
    • the brief high level characterization of their UO
    • statement of what they think are the most promising opportunties and the challenges to knowledge transfer between theirs and other UO's, and how they can tackle those challenges.

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues

  • Steve: as of yesterday, 30 people have registered for the UOS Panel Meeting
    • we'll likely be meeting in the same room
  • only 6 people from [uos-convene] has sent their info to Mary Ann (Steve's assistant)
    • Steve will prompt again
  • NIST will be providing the recording and the transcript
    • we will need to plug a cassette in every now and then (which we need to monitor) - Peter & Steve will do it

This is the list of publications that will be invited (to date)

  • Manufacturing & Technology News
  • AIAG Action Line
  • Government Computer News
  • FCW
  • Mechanical Engineering Magazine
  • CIO Magazine
  • Wired
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • Government Technology
  • Various publications published by CMP:
    • Intelligent Enterprise
    • Information Week
    • IT Architect
    • Software Development
  • Business Week
  • Computerworld
  • Computer
  • DB2
  • Fortune
  • Gartner Group

6) Follow-up from previous meetings

  • review of previous meetings action items:
  • Discussions on [uos-convene] to start urgently - three goals:
    • (i) get a technical solution that all would agree on - Pat to drive
    • (ii) get the joint comminique drafted - Pat & Leo to drive
    • (iii) get the agenda for those meeting build out - chair of each meeting will drive that (attn: Leo, Brand & Steve)
    • the uos-org members need to coordinate and help move things forward - ALL
  • One paragraph descrption of the meeting - attn: Leo & Brand
  • plan and lay out agenda of all 3 meetings - attn: Leo, Brand & Steve
  • Peter to setup the wiki session pages for each of the 3 sessions
    • noting that the Tuesday (3/14) morning and afternoon sessions are part of the same meeting
  • do a (possibly a series) of conference call with all [uos-convene] participants - Steve to call
  • coordinate publicity; get consensus from all to be interviewed - Steve
  • coordinate "co-sponsorship"; get confirmation from all parties involved - Peter
  • coordinate FOIS deliverable and get slot on FOIS agenda - Leo
  • provide input on the "one line statement" of the UOS mission/goal above - ALL
    • finalize before the first [uos-convene] conference call (hopefully)
  • Travel Funding
    • re-visit travel funding for Aldo (we left it off at: we'll be prepared to have Aldo attend remotely unless things change)
  • Longer term project funding
  • External contact update
    • calling all panelists - Pat
    • calling all key participants - Pat
      • if panelists are willing to do the joint proposal, Pat will add language to the "one paragraph summary" on UOS - status?
    • Dieter Fensel - Leo will call
    • Jerry Hobbs - is he joining us as a key participant? - Pat will call
    • NSF - Brand / Peter - will follow Maria Zemankova
    • NSA / John Walker - Leo will follow-up

7) Status review and ongoing discussions

  • Brand Niemann suggests we have a report as a deliverable from this meeting to be (among others) presented to FOIS Conference in Baltimore, MD Nov. 2006, also 5th International Semantic Web conference
    • who will champion this? - Leo
      • possible deliverables:
        • a report on the UOS
        • a proceedings of the UOS
        • a joint paper submitted to a refereed journal
      • Leo will propose to FOIS - we deliver UOS Report and update by the time of FOIS

Develop the mechanism and resources to relate existing upper ontologies to

each other in a manner that will increase reuse of knowledge among them, and thereby

facilitate semantic interoperability among other ontologies that are linked to them.

We want to let the world know that the technology is converging and is poised

for commercial exploitation.

8) New Issues discussed:

  • Co-sponsor "definition" review and adoption - ref:
    • Choosing between:
      • Peter's: "'Co-sponsors' are organizations who are providing technical or funding support, and/or endorsing the purpose of this Upper Ontology Summit effort.", or
      • Mike's: "'Co-sponsors' are organizations who that provide technical or funding support."
    • adopted: "('Co-sponsors' are organizations who are providing technical or funding support, and/or endorsing the purpose of this Upper Ontology Summit)"
    • not changing because the shorter version may need some original candidates to be eliminated
  • Meeting session agenda review and adoption
    • Planning the meeting agenda
    • issue and problem focused; opportunity and challenge focused
  • Pat: cosnider requesting from the conveners
    • examples - where has UO been used, and what was the significance
      • UMLS? (a semantic network and not a ontology yet! ... can we demonstrate the point with it?)
    • scenarios
  • Brand:
    • FHA is asking to bring Ontology into their data architecture work - and is willing to do a pilot on that
    • it's not going to help us if we keep identifying differences between upper and domain ontologies
    • cast UO as an indispensable part of infrastructure
    • Leo: we should not compromise our focus of this event as the 'upper ontology' summit
    • Peter / Steve / Pat: we need an overview piece on 3/15 pm, a spoke person, presenting a jointly contributed piece
      • Steve work follow-up on this

9) Action Items

10) Next meeting date and adjournment

  • Next call will be on Thu 2006.03.09 at 12:30 pm PST / 3:30pm EST (as usual)
  • call adjourned 2:03 pm PST / 5:03 pm EST


minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim / 2006.03.02-2:05 pm PST