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Session Archives On CD     (1)

Duane Nickull suggested, in his 2005.08.07 post that we might consider burning some CD's for people.     (1A)

A Survey on the Demand of such a product     (1B)

Peter P. Yim: here's a survey on the demand, to see if the effort is viable: (ref:     (1B1)

  • if such CD exists, I would want the following quantity. (Comments welcomed too!) [Note: a small 'donation' to cover the costs of production, shipping and handling will be involved; this is a survey only, not an order form.]     (1B2)

Additional remarks     (1C)

  • Kurt Conrad recorded the November 2003 F2F, and Bob Smith converted to a DVD format capable of 4+ Gig storage. So it might make sense to consider DVD as well as CD format as an option. (--BobSmith / 2005.08.07-11:57)     (1C1)

Volunteer(s) to put It Together     (1D)

  • please sign-up below (and advise what portion(s) of the process you are willing to take on):     (1D1)

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