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Workspace for the "Synergies and Gaps" Discussion     (1)

This is the workspace for the strawman and preparation for the 2008.08.22 panel discussion session on "Getting OOR Development Off the Ground: Identifying Synergies & Gaps"     (1A)

Developing Session Page (with call details agenda, proceedings, etc.) at: ConferenceCall_2008_08_22     (1E)

Organizing team conference call of Tue 2008.08.12     (1F)

Call Details:     (1F1)

Agenda & Proceedings:     (1F6)

  • 2. key points to the post for the [oor-forum] list to provide preparation guidelines for the panelists and participants.     (1F9)
    • share the vision/expectations (ref. point 1 above)     (1F9A)
    • Panelists to address:     (1F9B)
      • (a) describe capabilities and services that the existing software have     (1F9B1)
      • (b) willingness to share design, code and resources on an ongoing basis     (1F9B2)
      • (c) the programmatic interface that would support federating the software module as a part of OOR     (1F9B3)
      • (d) each panelists' perspective on "synergies and gaps"     (1F9B4)
    • lay out the logistics:     (1F9C)
    • ask all OOR team members and the rest of the community to come join us; and also tell us what else do they want to get from this session     (1F9D)

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