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Number 15
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time Jan 05 2015 15:00 GMT
7:00 PST/10:00 EST
3:00pm BST/4:00pm CET
Convener MikeBennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)

Agenda     (5)

  • Consensus Building     (5D)
    • Role for this SIG to maintain a kind of wiki resource which identifies consensus, references.     (5D1)
    • Existing resources we would want to collate and promote     (5D2)
    • Should we aim to maintain a library?     (5D3)
    • Knowledge base and list of knowledgeable individuals, and understand current work, projects and interests     (5D4)

Meeting Chat Log (Raw)     (6)

[15:02] Mike Bennett: Apologies:     (6B)

[15:02] Mike Bennett: Naicong Li     (6C)

[15:02] Mike Bennett: Andrea Westerinen     (6D)

[15:06] anonymous morphed into Bart Gajderowicz     (6E)

[15:22] Mike Bennett: Blog:     (6F)

[15:22] Mike Bennett: People can apply to be an Author - by email to Mike or Andrea, and we will add you     (6G)

[15:22] Mike Bennett: The blog does not allow anonymous comments     (6H)

[15:22] Mike Bennett: THe blog does allow anyonw who is logged in to their Google account to post.     (6I)

[15:23] Mike Bennett: Publicizing the Blog     (6J)

[15:24] Mike Bennett: Everyone can please hit the Google+ Facebook, Twitter button to let their followes know of it     (6K)

[15:24] Mike Bennett: We can also post to various lists...     (6L)

[15:25] Mike Bennett: Leo has a list of lists we can use.     (6M)

[15:26] Mike Bennett: ACTION Leo will send this list to the swao list, then Mike or others can post links to the SWAP blog. We can carve that work up.     (6N)

[15:27] Mike Bennett: URI Linking     (6O)

[15:27] Mike Bennett: Can we make this a sub-domain off the IAOA domain e.g.     (6P)

[15:28] Leo Obrst: I found the list of distribution lists I compiled for Ontology Summit 2014: I'll post to the chat.     (6Q)

[15:28] Leo Obrst: ''     (6R)

''     (6S)

''     (6T)

''     (6U)

''     (6V)

''     (6W)

''     (6X)

''     (6Y)

''     (6Z)

''     (6AA)

''     (6AB)     (6AC)     (6AD)     (6AE)


KMgov     (6AG)     (6AH)

[ontolog-invitation]     (6AI)

Ontology Summit 2014     (6AJ)

'[ontolog-forum] '     (6AK)     (6AL)     (6AM)     (6AN)

[15:29] Mike Bennett: Blogspot allows you do that. Requires the registrar of the iaoa domain to co-ordinate.     (6AO)

[15:29] Mike Bennett: We would have to run this by the the Executive Council of IAOA.     (6AP)

[15:29] Mike Bennett: Frank Loebe and Oliver Kutz would end up doing the work on this.     (6AQ)

[15:30] Mike Bennett: The choices we would have include:     (6AR)

[15:30] Mike Bennett:     (6AS)

[15:30] Mike Bennett:     (6AT)

[15:30] Mike Bennett:     (6AU)

[15:31] Mike Bennett: and that     (6AV)

[15:31] Mike Bennett: (we have 34 things already: Blog, website and wiki     (6AW)

[15:31] Mike Bennett: ^ 3 things     (6AX)

[15:33] Mike Bennett: The website is at:     (6AY)

[15:33] Mike Bennett: So we could have something like:     (6AAA)

[15:33] Mike Bennett:     (6AAB)

[15:34] Mike Bennett: or     (6AAC)

[15:34] Mike Bennett: Other SIG pages follow directly from without the intervening /sig/ fragment     (6AAD)

[15:35] Mike Bennett: So it would make sense to have a conversation with Frank and Oliver to get our SIG pages consistent with the other SIG pages.     (6AAE)

[15:35] Bart Gajderowicz: Looking at the SWAO menu inks, they follow this example:     (6AAF)

[15:36] Bart Gajderowicz: ^ menu links     (6AAG)

[15:37] Mike Bennett: Once we know what path we want, can we get blogspot to link to a sub-directory structure.     (6AAH)

[15:37] Mike Bennett: ACTION: Bart will look into whether links to a sub directory can be done, since this is different to pointing just the IP address to a different place.     (6AAI)

[15:37] Mike Bennett: It might not be trivial since you're linking sub directory versus IP.     (6AAJ)

[15:39] Mike Bennett: Use of Question and Answer platforms (Bart)     (6AAK)

[15:39] Mike Bennett: We are inverting the use of the blog to be more like a Q and A platform.     (6AAL)

[15:39] Mike Bennett: there are platofrms which do this: Quora, StackExchange     (6AAM)

[15:40] Mike Bennett: StackExchange has different sites with different topics.     (6AAN)

[15:40] Mike Bennett: We coulc propose to create a new site for Semantic Web Applied Ontologies to be one of those sites.     (6AAO)

[15:40] Mike Bennett: this also has features for people to rank answers, etc.     (6AAP)

[15:40] Mike Bennett: Also there are platforms you can install locally to do that.     (6AAQ)

[15:40] Mike Bennett: Options are therefore 2:     (6AAR)

[15:40] Mike Bennett: 1. Propose a new site on StackExchange     (6AAS)

[15:41] Mike Bennett: 2. Install the platform locally     (6AAT)

[15:42] Mike Bennett: Question: is (1) above a thing worth doing regardless of what we do with the blog?     (6AAU)

[15:43] Bart Gajderowicz: Here's the site where all StackExchange sites are listed:     (6AAV)

[15:43] Mike Bennett: StackOverflow is one of the StackExchange sites. StackExchange is the platform itself.     (6AAW)

[15:44] Mike Bennett: Profile and reputation: these are kept separate but you can have an overall profile across the sites.     (6AAX)

[15:45] Mike Bennett: Currently any references to ontology seem to be on StackOverflow.     (6AAY)

[15:45] Mike Bennett: There is also a philosophy StackExchange     (6AAZ)

[15:46] Mike Bennett: There is also a Philosophy one     (6AAAA)

[15:47] Mike Bennett: Also Data Science     (6AAAB)

[15:47] Bart Gajderowicz: Searching the sites for semantic web we find these results:     (6AAAC)

[15:47] Mike Bennett: But nothing dedicated to ontologies and semantics.     (6AAAD)

[15:48] Mike Bennett: We could create a StackExchange site whose name and scope are broad enough to embrace all the areas which this SIG intends to bring together and bridge the gaps between     (6AAAE)

[15:48] Mike Bennett: Namely Semantic Web, applied ontology, ...     (6AAAF)

[15:48] Mike Bennett: cognitive computing?     (6AAAG)

[15:49] Mike Bennett: i.e. make this a one stop shop for all questions semantic and ontology based.     (6AAAH)

[15:49] Bart Gajderowicz: these results fall under general technology related topics) and     (6AAAI)

[15:50] Mike Bennett: We could then also get admins on the math and philosophy sites to move questions over to us if these are more relevant to our area.     (6AAAJ)

[15:51] Mike Bennett: We are not exactly a quorum but let's propose to do this, independently of whatever we do with the blog.     (6AAAL)

[15:52] Mike Bennett: ACTION: Bart will look into what is involved with creating a new StackExchange site.     (6AAAM)

[15:52] Mike Bennett: On ethe earlier action: Blogspot does NOT allow for linking a blog to a path uner and existing URL.     (6AAAO)

[15:56] Mike Bennett: Meeting ended 10:55 EDT     (6AAAP)

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