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Number 12
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time Oct 06 2014 14:00 GMT
7:00 PDT/10:00 EDT
3:00pm BST/4:00pm CET
Convener LeoObrst

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)


Agenda     (5)

  • Housekeeping     (5A)
  • Continue our discussion on creating an introductory online/training tutorial     (5B)
    • Update on actions from last time     (5B1)
    • Tutorial / training requirements     (5B2)
      • Target audiences ��� what do different groups need to see?     (5B2A)
      • Is there anything targeting a business analyst / data management audience?     (5B2B)
      • Target media ��� what do we want to be able to put out?     (5B2C)
    • Existing resources we would want to collate and promote     (5B3)
      • See list of existing and upcoming publications we identified last time     (5B3A)
        • Should we aim to maintain a library ��� or is that in hand via Education Committee?     (5B3A1)
        • In particular with reference to our mission to bridge the gaps between communities     (5B3A2)
  • Discussion on an issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology related to reuse and lessons learned     (5C)
  • Ontology Summit     (5D)
    • Extending and discussing the work of 2014 Ontology Summit     (5D1)
    • Ideas for 2015 Ontology Summit?     (5D2)
      • Input / preparation for Ontology Summit planning meeting on Thursday (9 Oct)     (5D2A)
  • Membership, recruitment etc.     (5E)
    • Things we can do now the infrastructure is sorted out     (5E1)
    • Brainstorm and share information about people and projects relevant to this SIG and reach out them to make them aware of our existence and maybe invite them for a talk or an informal chat     (5E2)
    • Establish knowledge base and list of knowledgeable individuals, and understand current work, projects and interests     (5E3)
  • Next Meeting     (5G)

List of attendees     (6)

1. Housekeeping     (7)

  • bad link to SWAO official website from IAOA SIGs page (and misnamed)     (7A1)
  • add SWAO SIG to the list in the body of the page     (7A2)

[Action] Leo will help resolving the bugs - contact Oliver.     (7A3)

1.2 SIG Wiki landing page     (7B)

  • Suggestion: the landing page for the Wiki instead of being the current call would be something else, for example a listing of previous meetings and a notice saying when the next meeting is.     (7B1)
  • Suggestion 2: list other events and things of interest potentially (High level events e.g. workshops).     (7B2)
  • Consensus: One-off ("interesting") meetings - we want those linked to from the SWAO web page, as a one-off link and doesn't need to use the query on the wiki. These would have other attributes e.g. name and place.     (7B3)

[Action] Mike Bennett will suggest something for the landing page.     (7B4)

  • Discussion on using using the query facilities that exist in the mediaWiki to automate the update of the SWAO events page.     (7B5)
  • Suggestion: have the same query embedded on the SWAO web page as well.     (7B6)

[Action] Ken will see about the automated update of the list of meetings.     (7B7)

  • Discussion: for future meetings, email thread and link, or (as for Sept) have nice notes on the wiki page?     (7B8)
  • Suggestion: send out an email which points to the minutes, and have the minutes themselves nicely formatted in the wiki page.     (7B9)
  • Consensus: preference is to have the minutes on the wiki and the email is just a pointer to these, but the volunteer can choose to do this simply by sending an email to the list.     (7B10)

[Action] Elie to capture the minutes of this meeting and try to upload them on Wiki.     (7B11)

1.3 Migration of the old wiki content     (7C)

[Action] Ken will be creating meeting pages for the previous meetings (Then the minutes for those previous meetings could be simple links to email in some cases; others have been written up as a document which can be extracted). [Note] First meeting is the only one that's different - was in a different format and is on a different page. [Note] In the minutes on the wiki, the action items are tagged with "Action Item"     (7C1)

2. Education     (8)

  • Education committee is interested in coordinating.     (8A)

[Action] Leo to drop a note to Education committee     (8B)

  • Suggestion: Talked about proposing Book as a possible activity for the Summit.     (8C)
  • Consensus: need co-ordination among SWAO, IAOA, OS Organizing Ctee; Ontolog Board of Trustees.     (8D)

3. Brainstorming of things we as a SIG want to bring to the Thursday Ontology Summit     (9)

  • Suggestion: a book to mine the 'embedded' knowledge in the Ontolog e-mail and Ontology Summits     (9A)
  • Discussion: anticipate generating slideware as training material through the Ontology Summit (OS) and the Book follows?     (9B)
  • Note: Bear in mind the main OS deliverable is always a Communique.     (9C)
  • Suggestion: OS virtual sessions might constitute the basis of tutorial material for SWAO, that would become eventual chapters of the Book.     (9D)
  • Discussion: Book structure: = structure of OS and Book Content = tutorial SWAO and then => book chapters.     (9E)

[Action] All, use 9 Oct 2014 OS meeting as an opportunity for to make these distinctions and encourage folks to get involved in this SIG.     (9F)

  • Suggestion: include Conceptual Modeling SIG in this conversation?     (9G)
  • Suggestion: reach out to people from and ODISE workshops - focused on Conceptual modeling and ontologies     (9H)
  • Suggestion: other modelling communities, ODM etc.     (9I)

[Action] MikeB. and Elie reach out and market the SIG among organisers and participants of "OMG Standards in Support of Business Communication" Dec. 2014.     (9J)

  • Suggestion: Attract people to this group on the basis of addressing both aplication and business conceptual ontologies.     (9K)

4. Next steps from having an issue in Applied Ontology     (10)

  • News: Green light from Nicolas.     (10A)
  • Suggestion: Special issue would focus on the themes of the last Ontology Summit.     (10B)
  • Note: need to think about the timeline.     (10C)
  • Suggestion: establish a couple of people to focus on this     (10D)

5. Other Outreach     (11)

[Action] MikeB. to reach out to the ODISE.     (11D)

  • Suggestion: reach out Pascal Hitzler, others at the Ontolog Forum.     (11E)
  • Suggestion: reach out to Kingsley Idehen and others in the linked data community.     (11F)

Audio Recording     (12)

Previous Meetings     (13)