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Session Planning
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time 01 Dec 2021 17:00 GMT
9:00am PST/12:00pm EST
5:00pm GMT/6:00pm CET
Convener Ravi Sharma


Ontology Summit 2022 Theme and Tracks     (2A)

Theme: Pandemics and Other Disasters The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted an impressive, worldwide response by governments, industry, and the academic community. Ontologies can play a significant role in search, data description, interoperability and harmonization of the increasingly large data sources that are relevant to COVID-19. This summit will examine the role that ontologies can play in disasters, with particular emphasis on pandemics such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The summit is divided into four tracks, each of which consists of five sessions, four of which feature invited speakers and a fifth session for discussion and synthesis of the track topic.     (2A1)

Agenda     (2B)

Conference Call Information     (2C)

Attendees     (2D)

Discussion     (2E)

[12:23] RaviSharma: Gary presented a framework from Shirley and use of semantics in defining Hazard ontology using UNDRR     (2E1)

[12:24] RaviSharma: Ken what phase, Gary second round of Funding     (2E2)

[12:25] RaviSharma: Kryzstoff J and Pascal Hitlzer have done work on it     (2E3)

[12:26] RaviSharma: Ken said this would be great to have ontologies ahead of disasters happening.     (2E4)

[12:26] RaviSharma: NSF funding     (2E5)

[12:31] janet singer: Gary: Was the work you were covering related to this EU effort from 2009     (2E6)

[12:42] Gary BC: Have to go. Good luck on the discussion.     (2E8)

[12:43] RaviSharma: Ravi Commented that Gary can perhaps point this to potential track 1 speakers, Janet's EU work on risk ontologies.     (2E9)

[12:43] RaviSharma: Track 1 is still missing Situational Awareness.     (2E10)

KenBaclawski: I added it.     (2E11)

[12:49] RaviSharma: Ravi - will study MONITOR Projects. also     (2E12)

[12:58] RaviSharma: Ravi described areas of Track on environment disasters and agreed with Gary's suggestion that the domains will depend on the speakers we get.     (2E13)

[13:01] RaviSharma: Space Disasters will hopefully concentrate on Debris and technology solutions for mitigation     (2E14)

[13:02] RaviSharma: Robert will give a presentation in this track     (2E15)

[13:03] RaviSharma: Next week we would have done track oriented research and come up with more specific list of potential speakers.     (2E16)

[13:03] RaviSharma: thanks Ken and others.     (2E17)

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