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Session Planning
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time 17 Nov 2021 17:00 GMT
9:00am PST/12:00pm EST
5:00pm GMT/6:00pm CET
Convener Ken Baclawski

Ontology Summit 2022 Planning

Dealing with Disasters

The COVID-19 pandemic as well as other pandemics and disasters have prompted an impressive, worldwide response by governments, industry, and the academic community. Ontologies can play a significant role in search, data description, interoperability and harmonization of the increasingly large data sources that are relevant to disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ontology Summit 2022 examined the overall landscape of disasters and related ontologies. A framework consisting of a set of dimensions was developed to characterize this landscape. The framework was applied to health-related disasters, environmental disasters, as well as aerospace and cyberspace disasters. It was found that there are many cross-domain linkages between different kinds of disasters and that ontologies developed for one kind of disaster can be repurposed for other kinds. A representative sample of projects that have been developing and using ontologies for disaster monitoring and response management is presented to illustrate best practices and lessons learned. The Communiqué ends by presenting the findings and recommendations of the summit.


Conference Call Information

  • Date: Wednesday, 17 November 2021
  • Start Time: 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 6:00pm CET / 5:00pm GMT / 1700 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: 1 hour
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[12:06] Douglas Miles

[12:30] RaviSharma: Ravi made a summary presentation on status

[12:31] Ken Baclawski: Speaker suggestions

[12:32] Ken Baclawski: Michael DeBellis on the COVID-19 pandemic

[12:32] RaviSharma: Mike Debellis and Dutta - Robert's contact and Doug Miles about Alex Dougherty

[12:33] RaviSharma: Gary suggested Krzysztof as speaker and someone on the topic of disasters

[12:33] Douglas R. Miles: We might say Andrew is about Post management

[12:34] RaviSharma: floods and fires

[12:34] Ken Baclawski: Krzysztof Janowicz on environmental disasters and other emergencies

[12:34] RaviSharma: knowwhere app Gary

[12:35] Ken Baclawski: Gary Berg-Cross can invite other speakers on environmental disasters

[12:35] RaviSharma: fires, space debris, another area - janet mentioned.

[12:36] RaviSharma: Cybersecurity - Janet and Ram

[12:37] Gary BC: The KnowWhereGraph (KWG), intend to generalize and broaden a scaffolding for disasters.

They are building an Ontology intended to support some INITIAL Use Cases with respect to

1) assessing wildfire impacts on crops (initially within the USA, and focused on smoke damage) 2) emergency relief responses to disasters, initially involving hurricanes in the SE USA.

This means that they are having to locate and triplify the raw datasets that are relevant to support our highly focused Use Cases

[12:37] RaviSharma: from Doug Miles:

[12:37] RaviSharma: Andrew Dougherty

[12:38] RaviSharma: Pandemic Session Ram will cochair and organize the speakers

[12:39] Gary BC: I might consider as a source if not speakers Sinha, Prasant Kumar, and Biswanath Dutta who wrote. "A systematic analysis of flood ontologies: A parametric approach

[12:41] RaviSharma: Ravi will reach out Dr. H K Ramapriyan Former Project Manager at NASA on Earth Observations

[12:41] Gary BC: An overview of risks and disasters comes from UN folks who can speak at an early session - see

[12:41] Ken Baclawski: Speakers in linguistics

[12:41] RaviSharma: Depending on focus, say atmospheric, we can find more speakers.

[12:42] RaviSharma: Robert on space ontology

[12:44] RaviSharma: Robert is also working practically on maritime situational awareness.

[12:45] RaviSharma: Ravi has a speaker on maritime domain awareness for which he will get OK before announcing and Robert will also try to get speakers.

[12:46] RaviSharma: overview, pandemic COVID-19, environmental disasters, space debris


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