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[ontolog] Member Conference Call - Thu 2006-11-02     (1)

  • Subject: [ontolog] member conference call Thu 2006-11-02     (1A1)
  • Date: Thursday, November 2, 2006     (1A2)
  • Start Time: 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 7:30pm CET / 18:30 GMT/UTC & Midnight in India     (1A3)
  • Expected Call Duration: 1.5 hour     (1A4)
    • there will be an additional 2nd session, mainly for the Ontolog and ONION project administrators ... but everyone interested is welcomed to join us. See timing below     (1A4A)
  • Dial-in Number:     (1A5)
    • from a telephone (US): +1-712-432-4990 (Iowa, USA) (long distance costs apply)     (1A5A)
    • from a phone (Europe): 0870-119-1313 (UK) or 01805 00 7620 (Germany) (long distance costs apply)     (1A5B)
    • callers from other countries please dial into either one of the US or European numbers (long distance costs apply)     (1A5C)
    • Conference ID: "5823120#"     (1A5D)
    • Direct call from Skype: +990008275823120     (1A5E)
    • see operation details below.     (1A5F)

Attendees     (1B)

Agenda Ideas (candidate items to be adopted into the agenda for discussion)     (1C)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1E)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1E1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1E3)

3) Roll-call of participants     (1E5)

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)     (1E8)

  • Other upcoming events of interest - see: RelevantEventsOfInterest2006     (1E10)
    • In particular note that FOIS-2006 and the NCOR Plenary Meeting is coming up next week - and, for that reason, there will be no weekly conference call for next Thursday (2006.11.09, as quite a few of our members will be at there anyway!)     (1E10A)

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues     (1E11)

6) Follow-ups from previous calls     (1E13)

7) Current Project Status Report     (1E14)

8) Key Issues discussion:     (1E24)

  • 8a. testing on the "" service - ref.     (1E25)
    • Phone keypad controls:     (1E25A)
    • Features to be tested:     (1E25B)
      • landline calls - ok     (1E25B1)
      • skype calls - ok     (1E25B2)
      • other VoIP calls - (unknow)     (1E25B3)
      • mute / unmute - by individual - ok     (1E25B4)
      • mute / unmute - by moderator - ok     (1E25B5)
      • "Lecture Mode" - mute all, except speaker - ok     (1E25B6)
      • Question during Lecture - one person unmuted while in Lecture Mode - ok     (1E25B7)
      • "Open Discussion" - check quality - ok (except for dialup lines)     (1E25B8)
      • Hand Raising - and handling by moderator - don't seem to be implemented yet on the system; we'll use the convention that if someone wants to ask a question, they just unmute their individual lines. Of course, the IBM queue-management-chat tool has handraising too.     (1E25B9)
        • (posted later by PPY): turns out, we just missed the instructions. pressing "11" on the phone keypad will allow a participant to show a "hand raised" on the control screen, on which the moderator can unmute participants in turn for them to speak up. (also added back above).     (1E25B9A)
      • Realtime Instant Messaging (IM or 'chat') via Skype chat - since not everyone is on skype, we'll just continue to use the IBM queue-management-chat tool as before     (1E25B10)
      • Recording - testing; including pausing of recording.     (1E25B11)
      • Playback of Recording     (1E25B12)
      • lots of callers, from different locations - satisfactory, at least for different locations, we had US West, US Central, US East, UK, Austria & Turkey     (1E25B13)
    • Observations / Outcome:     (1E25C)
      • people with good bandwidth come through really well; low bandwidth connections yield marginal results     (1E25C1)
        • exemplified by Peter Brown from Austria who came through loud and clear on his 2mbps dedicated connection, and Atilla Elci from Turkey, whose voice quality was marginal, while connecting in on a dial-up line.     (1E25C1A)
      • the noise floor was real good, even when people are not muted. (of course, we did not have that many people on the call today. We'll have to find out on a 'real' speaker session when we have dozens of participants.)     (1E25C2)
      • Peter Brown / Matthew West - leaving a couple of second after speaking will help intelligibility (due to varying delays on the voice from people calling in with different technology)     (1E25C3)
  • 8b. Community Planning - facilitated by Kurt Conrad - Listen (mp3) 59 min.     (1E26)
    • discussing, in particular, about sponsorships, funding and sustainability of the community (something we postponed from the above session)     (1E26B)
    • Notes on Discussion at this session:     (1E26C)
      • Objectives:     (1E26C1)
        • Peter: sponsorships, funding and sustainability of the community     (1E26C1A)
        • Bob: using "ontologizing / OntologTaxoThesaurus" as a starting point, methodology and means to get sponsorship to help sustainability     (1E26C1B)
        • Matthew: anything related to the DatabaseAndOntology series; collabrative authoring of article to be published in wikipedia; contribute to the sponsorship discussion     (1E26C1C)
          • Peter: yes, the collaborative authoring of handbook(s) (idea from DougEngelbart's DKR and from the recent MIT CCI HCI project) and pushing it out to wikipedia for an expanded audience (idea from MatthewWest) is great. Hope we can instituitonalize this and make it, as much as we can, a deliverable from all the projects we embark on, as a community.     (1E26C1C1)
        • Attilla: more presence for the Ontolog community, and broaden membership     (1E26C1D)
          • Jeff: get existing Ontolog members to help introduce our name and our available resources to related groups     (1E26C1D1)
          • Jeff / Peter / Matthew: possibly having stock posters, and stock slides (standard presentation, 4~5 slides; maybe even 1 slide) that our members can use ... the key would be to encourage our members to do it     (1E26C1D2)
        • Jeff: (perspective from system engineering) ontologies can help in standardizing processes, and product life cycles. People understand requirements, but ontological underpinning on process specification would be most helpful.     (1E26C1E)
          • Matthew: ontology could help in the requirement analysis too     (1E26C1E1)
          • Bob: NIST, esp. SteveRay's group and the good (MichaelGruninger's) PSL (ISO 18629) work     (1E26C1E2)
          • Jeff: get existing Ontolog members to help introduce our name and our available resources to related groups     (1E26C1E3)
      • Peter: our body of knowledge is actually accessed than more people than most of us would think (see my 23-Jul-2006 Ontolog Workshop presentation (slides #12 & 12 especially). Our invited talks (slides and audio recording) actually gets downloaded as much as hundreds of times each month even years after they were first made.     (1E26C2)
        • Matthew: we should let more people know about these things.     (1E26C2A)
          • [notes for Peter (added subsequently)]: good idea, maybe we can: (a) provide members the access to our usage records, and (b)start a page to invite more ideas on how we should proceed.     (1E26C2A1)
        • Matthew: ref sponsorship, open to being asked; contribution in kind is easy (also simply because Ontolog is not a legal entity, which isn't necessarily a bad thing), like phone conferencing, commitment of resources in a project, even air fares (exceptionally); (ref Matthew's experience with EPISTLE);     (1E26C2B)
          • Matthew: the secret is - allow people to contribute what they are in a position to contribute (which could change all the time); and not be afraid to ask.     (1E26C2B1)

9) New project proposals     (1E28)

10) Sponsorship and funding - see item 8b above     (1E29)

11) Other business     (1E30)

  • Jeff: suggest that we make an explicit announcement when it gets to 5 minutes before the end of a session (and try not to run overtime.)     (1E31)
  • Kurt, Bob and Peter will return for the ONION session shortly.     (1E32)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn     (1E33)

  • Our next meeting/call will be at the Thu 2006.11.16, with the 2nd DatabaseAndOntology mini-series Event - refer to details at: ConferenceCall_2006_11_16 ... talk to you then!     (1E34)
  • this (1st) call session adjourned 12:18pm PST     (1E35)
  • 2nd call session on ONION - started 1:00 pm PST & adjourned 2:19pm PST     (1E36)

minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim / 2006.11.02-14:19 PST     (1E38)

Attendees are requested to review the notes above, help clean it up, and make amendments and edits to better     (1E39)

reflect the proceedings of the session as they see fit (particularly where they are personally involved). =ppy     (1E40)

Session Recording of this ConferenceCall_2006_11_02     (1F)

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