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Ontolog Community Planning Session - Facilitator: Kurt Conrad - Thu 2006-10-05     (1)

  • Subject: Ontolog Community Planning Session - Facilitator: Kurt Conrad - Thu 2006-10-05     (1A1)
  • Agenda: the bulk of this session will be devoted to community planning, where the Ontolog CoP's "relevance", "direction" and "action plans" will be examined and put up for discussion again.     (1A2)
  • Date: Thursday, Oct. 6, 2006     (1A3)
  • Start Time: 10:30 AM PDT / 1:30 PM EDT / 6:30 PM BST / 17:30 UTC     (1A4)
  • Dial-in Number: +1-641-696-6600 (Iowa, USA)     (1A5)
  • Shared-screen support (through VNC) may be used. The VNC service will be started 5 minutes before the call at:     (1A6)
    • view-only password: "ontolog"     (1A6A)
    • if you plan to be logging into this shared-screen option (which the speaker may be navigating), and you are not familiar with the process, please try to call in 5 minutes before the start of the session so that we can work out the connection logistics. Help on this will generally not be available once the presentation starts.     (1A6B)
    • people behind corporate firewalls may have difficulty accessing this.     (1A6C)
  • Please note that this session will be recorded, and the audio archives is expected to be made available as open content to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1A10)

Attendees     (1B)

    • ...(to register for participation, please add your name and affiliation here or e-mail <>, so that we can reserve enough resources to support the session.)...     (1B3A)

Agenda Ideas     (1C)

Resources     (1D)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1F)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1F1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1F3)

3) Roll-call of participants     (1F5)

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)     (1F7)

5) Introductions (All) & Explanation on how this session will be conducted (KurtConrad)     (1F11)

6) The Planning Exercise: (facilitated by KurtConrad)     (1F14)

7) ONION collaboration: (CarlMattocks)     (1F16)

signed up over 50 members of a CoP focused creating an Open Source Ontology. ... The scope of the ONION (ontologies In Ontology) are the frameworks of ISO 20000 / COBIT / COSO extended by ISO Security Standards and aligned with OASIS BCM (thus SOA).     (1F18)

    • ... How about having this CoP operate in the ONTOLOG community setting?     (1F19A)
    • (input during this call) Carl Mattocks ONION work - protocol     (1F19B)
      • ITSMO standard - service delivery - CMDB (configuration management) - Metlife (proof-of-concept project)     (1F19B1)
      • ISO 20000 (Dec.20005)- normative reference (embodies ISO 15000)     (1F19B2)
      • information assurance, information security, COBIT, ...     (1F19B3)
      • signed up ~50 people who would want to contribute to this work     (1F19B4)
      • Carl: target Apr.2007 to come up with the first draft ONION standard     (1F19B5)
      • Peter: welcome the effort; we default to the OASIS process (with an Ontolog Project process mapping to an OASIS TC process); essentially - 3 people, a charter, a kick-off meeting & then real work     (1F19B6)
      • Adam Pease: just got work going in information security (ref:, that plus the existing SUMO & the QOS ontology (in KIF) could be relevant to this effort.     (1F19B7)
      • Pat Hayes: CL (Common Logic) is closing in on being an ISO standard; has an XML component; that would be desirable.     (1F19B8)
      • Peter: CIM3 is happy to provide the infrastructure - pro bono (if everyone is volunteering) and include us in funding (if this group is going that direction). Will look to the Ontolog community members to contribute to the project and bring necessary expertise to the table.     (1F19B9)
      • Kurt: we'll look to Carl being the champion, and coming back with a proposed charter and a kick-off meeting time.     (1F19B10)
      • Kurt: hopefully this time around, we have a slightly more bounded problem!     (1F19B11)
      • Peter P. Yim: I'll start an [onion-forum] list, and an ONION project home page, and continue developing some of the administrivia of the project startup with Carl Mattocks offline.     (1F19B12)
      • Jim Disbrow indicated his interest to join the ONION team.     (1F19B13)
      • Adam asked about next steps, Carl invites Adam to present his recommendations as soon as the project official starts     (1F19B14)
      • Carl will be making the call for participation again, when he posts the proposed charter and announce a date for their kick-off meeting.     (1F19B15)

8) collaboration (OwenAmbur)     (1F20)

9) Funding: - this item is tabled for a later discussion     (1F22)

  • Funding: (a) the operation of the community, and (b) community projects     (1F24)

10) Follow-on work from the TopFive exercise     (1F25)

11) Follow-on Activities & Action Plan:     (1F27)

  • Kurt: for the new (and relatively sizeable) projects, teams may have their own schedule, but, do report back when we have regular conference call session, and occasionally, take on a Thursday session to report on the work-in-progress or the final deliverables.     (1F28)
  • Peter: do keep the work transparent, and try to make sure there are no gaps in the attempt to capture the lifecycle of the project work on our collaborative work environment (which includes the forum, wiki & shared-file workspace).     (1F29)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn     (1F30)

proceedings captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim / 2006.10.05-12:11pm PDT     (1F34)

Attendees are requested to review the notes above, help clean it up, and make amendments and edits to better     (1F35)

reflect the proceedings of the session as they see fit (particularly where they are personally involved). =ppy     (1F36)

Session Recording of this 2006.10.05 Ontolog Planning Session     (1G)

(Thanks to Kurt Conrad and Peter P. Yim for their help with getting the session recorded. =ppy)     (1G2)

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