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Preparation page for the Tue 22-Aug-2006 member Conference Call to explore a theme & program for an upcoming Ontolog-NIST-NCOR collaboration     (1)

Background     (1C)

Wed 2006.08.16 11amEDT / 9amPDT - Steve Ray / Peter P. Yim telephone brainstorm     (1D)

  • Discussion     (1D7)
    • SteveRay's view on new collaborations.     (1D7A)
      • Successful collaborations build on work already ongoing within host institutions. This minimizes the need to start cold with the issue of how to find funding to pursue work. In this spirit, NIST is prepared to share current ongoing work related to measuring and evaluating ontologies, and the tools we intend to build to help do that. If other ontolog forum members find that our work meshes well with their own (already funded) ongoing work, then we have the ingredients for a fruitful collaboration. Note that this model is not one of finding new funding, but rather that of getting more bang for the buck that is already there.     (1D7A1)

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