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Community Profile for Ontolog     (2)

By / Date: Peter P. Yim / 2005.11.06     (2A)

Last Updated: 2005.11.06-08:38am PST     (2B)

  • Community (name): Ontolog (a.k.a. OntologForum)     (2C)
  • Date Established: April 2002     (2D)
  • Key Stakeholders: 3 co-conveners (see contact below), Volunteers making up of Ontologists, Standards Committee members (esp. in XML), CIM3 (hosting the community's collaborative work environment since its inception.)     (2E)
  • Constituency: Open, international community. Anyone interested can participate, either as active members or as observers. Thought leaders in the domain have been participating by invitation.     (2F)
  • Domain: formal and informal ontology; application; strategy and policy; adoption & standardization     (2G)
  • Mission / Charter: Ontolog (a.k.a. Ontolog Forum) Charter: (see:     (2H)
    • Ontolog is an open, international, virtual community of practice, whose membership will:     (2H1)
      • Discuss practical issues and strategies associated with the development and application of both formal and informal ontologies.     (2H1A)
      • Identify ontological engineering approaches that might be applied to the UBL effort, as well as to the broader domain of eBusiness standardization efforts.     (2H1B)
      • Strive to advance the field of ontological engineering and semantic technologies, and to help move them into main stream applications.     (2H1C)
  • With respect to Ontology work (esp. eGov-related work), the community's:     (2I)
    • Medium Term Goal: advance the science and art of ontological engineering and semantic technologies; moving them into the mainstream through adoption by standards bodies     (2I1)
    • Short Term Goal: provide an open, non-commercial CoP space for the community at large; educate and evangelize ontological engineering and semantic technologies through regular community events.     (2I2)
    • Deliverables within the next 6 months: monthly invited speaker sessions; monthly scheduled discussion sessions; ad hoc evangelistic activities (reports, presentations, position papers with recommendations, ...etc.); joint activities to provide input into SICoP, DRM-IT2, HITOP, ... etc.     (2I3)
  • Key Differentiation (with the other communities presenting today):     (2J)
    • practically no out-of-pocket cost to participate     (2J1)
    • adamant about collaboration, sharing and open knowledge     (2J2)
    • activities are community driven; we are neutral, open, and we are not answerable to any authority or institutional structure, except for (explicitly) our charter & IPR policy, and (implicitly) our professional integrity.     (2J3)
  • What we can bring to the table to foster collaboration with other communities here today:     (2K)
    • our open collaborative attitude - we can and will gladly work with other communities sharing similar attitudes and goals     (2K1)
    • our established infrastructure and community membership of a lot of the key players in the domain     (2K2)
    • our agility: we can put together a fairly substantial virtual event in short order (say, 2 weeks.)     (2K3)
  • Additional Remarks:     (2L)
    • besides our prime mission around ontologies, some have found our community, our collaborative work environment and our processes to be a best practice example on how the Internet can be leveraged to help bootstrap collective intelligence.     (2L1)
  • Contact: any of the 3 co-conveners - Peter P. Yim, Kurt Conrad, Leo Obrst     (2M)

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