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Community Profile for NCOR     (2)

By / Date: Barry Smith / 2005.11.07     (2A)

Last Updated: 07 Nov 2005 12:40:35 EST;     (2B)

  • Community (name): National Center for Ontological Research     (2C)
  • Date Established: October 27, 2005     (2D)
  • Key Stakeholders: Academic, government and industrial organizations interested in promoting the application of the scientific method in ontology development and use     (2E)
  • Constituency: all adult developers and users of ontologies     (2F)
  • Domain: all     (2G)
  • Mission / Charter: (see     (2H)
    • The goal of NCOR is to promote the application of scientific methods in ontology research in the United States     (2H1)
      • by establishing cross-disciplinary networks among those individuals and groups involved in ontological research and applications in such a way as to foster a high degree of interaction at the four levels of infrastructure, content, methodology and application     (2H1A)
      • by fostering, through challenge evaluations and other methodologies, objective measures for the quality (usefulness, useability, reliability ...) of ontologies     (2H1B)
      • by developing, testing and promoting best practices in ontology research and development, including conformity to reference ontologies and to top-level integration ontologies     (2H1C)
      • by developing partnerships with institutions in academia, industry and government designed to enable the sharing of expertise and to consolidate best practices     (2H1D)
      • by organizing and strengthening educational and training programs in ontology     (2H1E)
      • by organizing outreach programs designed to promote greater public awareness of the importance of high-level ontology research.     (2H1F)
  • With respect to Ontology work (esp. eGov-related work), the community's:     (2I)
    • Medium Term Goal: establishment of genuine evolutionary mechanisms leading to stepwise improvement of ontologies and to attrition of poor-quality ontology initiatives     (2I1)
    • Short Term Goal: to create an awareness of the need for quality assurance especially of the content ontologies and of the methods to achieve it     (2I2)
    • Deliverables within the next 6 months: to disseminate the goals of NCOR     (2I3)
  • Key Differentiation (with the other communities presenting today): focus on scientific method, on quality of ontology content, and on objective methodologies for ontology evaluation; no restriction on domain     (2J)
  • What we can bring to the table to foster collaboration with other communities here today: all of the above     (2K)
  • Additional Remarks:     (2L)
  • Contact: Barry Smith <>     (2M)

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