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UpperOntologySummit - Organizing Committee Conference Call 2005-12-15     (1)

Call Details     (1A)

Attendees     (1B)

Agenda (items to be discussed) Ideas     (1C)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1E)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1E1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1E3)

3) Roll-call of participants - see above     (1E5)

4) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues - more discussion     (1E6)

  • finalize the roster of this organizing committee [PatCassidy / PeterYim]     (1E9)
    • Pat has invited Dagobert who confirmed and joined on 2005.12.12     (1E9A)
    • Pat hasn't called Eric Peterson, yet, pending ouor discussion.     (1E9B)
    • Discussion of size of organizing committee. Add Eric, as he had previously indicated interest in COSMO work. Hasn't yet been engaged in email dialogue (doesn't monitor Ontolog). Call for participation hasn't resulted in responses. Have 3 Ontolog Co-convenors, the 3 key SICOP / ONTAC / COSMO people, and Steve Ray representing NIST and venue host (good match against original event conevner set). Bill Anderson who also indicated interest in the Upper Ontology discussion, was asked, but has not responded so far. Suggest tabling expansion of organizing committee and asking Eric and Bill to participate.     (1E9C)
    • Brand suggests adding John Walker.     (1E9D)
    • there was a motion to freeze the size of the organizing committee (staying "confined and focused") at current membership (of 7 members), seconded, and adopted.     (1E9E)
  • mailing lists [PeterYim]     (1E11)
    • [uos-org] list <> created, hosted by NIST-MSID on their INTEROP-cwe     (1E11A)
    • PPY: I'll be putting in password protection, and then transfer all (previous) relevant disucussion threads over to the archives as well. (--done:ppy/2005.12.15-20:20 PST)     (1E11B)
      • PPY: If there is anything anyone wants to 'not transfer over', please let me know within the next day or two.     (1E11B1)
    • List created, but password protection not yet implemented, and previous messages to be moved over. Notify Peter if any part of the old dialogue shouldn't be made public.     (1E11C)
    • Wiki will be open. Will also create an open list for panelists and participants (pre- and post-meeting discussions) - Peter hopes to be funded for this (otherwise, will offer workspace on Ontolog to do it.)     (1E11D)
  • invitation to Nicola Guarino (both to speak at Ontolog Forum, and to support this Event) [LeoObrst]     (1E12)
    • Guarino agreed - awaiting his choice of Feb. 2, Feb. 23 or Jan. 26, 2006 (--Thanks, Leo)     (1E12A)
    • Nicola also confirmed his participation in the UOS (also interested in travel funding, which Leo indicated that we are already working on that.)     (1E12B)

6) UOS Project Home page is now up (awaiting content):     (1E13)

7) New issues and discussions     (1E15)

  • who will be the co-organizers (people who support this initiative and contribute contribute IPR & expertise and ) & co-sponsors (people who support this intiative by funding the work that this initiative is about)     (1E17)
    • Brand and Leo to discuss with NCOR (as a potential co-organizer)     (1E17A)
    • Pick up this topic, again after discussing panelists     (1E17B)
    • GSA to put more money into reference model ontology (FEA-RMO). Consider them as an organizer and endorce joint communica. They consider FEA-RMO to be an upper ontology.     (1E17C)
    • Distinction between co-organizers and co-sponsors needs to be clarified. Co-sponsors to provide funding.     (1E17D)
    • Consider broadening from upper ontologies to other levels? Don't want to redefine again. A common upper ontolog subset should help mid-level and domain ontologies. Could define in terms of upper and middle ontologies. Or upper and super-domain ontologies.     (1E17E)
    • Want to draw an event that will get these technical issues cleared out by mid-morning.     (1E17F)
    • Consider drafting a short paragraph to shop to key thought leaders to gauge understanding and support (and solicit feedback).     (1E17G)
    • Motion: Focus is upper and super-domian ontologies     (1E17H)
    • Need to push folks to understand that their ontology (wherever the root is) has to be anchored to a sensible meaning. Can be compatible with an upper ontology at the conceptual, not logical, level.     (1E17I)
    • Have to deal with this at a technical level and real-world implemetnation level. Tried upper ontology with Brailer's people, but didn't adopt it directly (but now a future need under data architecture). Second example with Federal Enerprise Architecture. OMB didn't want to adopt ontology. Now FEA-RMO has come in via reference model maintenance. Can't lead with ontology. Educational issue. Ontology has to come in another way.     (1E17J)
    • Need technical solution first to present it ahead of the sociological solution.     (1E17K)
    • Even with para, unlikley to drive consensus in 1/2 day. Will need numerous discussions leading to summit.     (1E17L)
    • Need to articulate goals for session. Not just a technical issue, but a range of issues. Agreements among upper ontology folks and buy-in by potential consumers that don't currently perceive value of upper ontologies.     (1E17M)
    • Can it be a summit with this expanded definition?     (1E17N)

8) do we break (after this call) until the New Year     (1E23)

9) Other business     (1E24)

10) Next meeting date and adjournment     (1E25)

  • call adjourned 13:57 pm PST / 16:57 pm EST     (1E28)
  • next call will be on Thu 2006.01.12 starting at 12:45 pm PST / 3:45pm EST (right after the Ontolog session (which should end around 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST)     (1E29)

minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Kurt Conrad / 2005.12.15-13:56 pm     (1E31)

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