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Quantities and Units of Measure ( [[UoM]])     (1)

See: Quantity and Unit of Measure Ontology-based Standard project incubation work. The [[UoM]] Ontolog-based Standard Working Group's project homepage is at: UoM_Ontology_Standard     (1A)

[[UoM]] Resources & References*:     (1B)

Available [[UoM]] Standards:     (1B1)

Available [[UoM]] Ontologies:     (1B2)

Other [[UoM]] References:     (1B3)

Other Pertinent References:     (1B4)

Remarks: *items listed under the "Resources and References" section are republished by permission of their authors and are not part of the intellectual properties of this working group or community. Please refer to the Ontolog IPR Policy before making any post.     (1B4B)