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Second Annual 2009 SOCoP Workshop at MITRE - Thu 2009.11.12     (1)

2nd Annual Spatial Ontology Community of Practice Workshop: Towards a Reference Model for GeoSpatial Ontologies being held on Nov. 12, 2009.     (1A)

See SocopMeetingpage for information about upcoming and past meetings, usually on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.     (1B)

This workshop was organized by SOCoP with support from MITRE, Ontolog and OGC and was hosted by MITRE at their McClean Virginia Campus.     (1C)

The purpose of the workshop was to continue the discussion from last year��s workshop advancing understanding about state of research, implementation requirements, anticipated value and future role of spatial ontologies and semantic tools in the continued growth of the spatial data domain. The main theme of the 2nd iteration of the workshop addressed the question: Can a meaningful reference model be crafted to guide work to accelerate the pace of advancement for the development and use of geospatial ontologies and related semantics? In discussing this theme we had a morning of talks and an afternoon of small group roundtable discussions.     (1D)

Agenda & Proceedings: (Thu 2009.11.12) Note that most of the presentations are available via links below. Audio of the morning sessions was also captured by Peter Yim (CIM3). In addition Gary Berg-Cross developed SocopworkshopSummaries of the keynote presentation which is also online along with some notes from the Breakout sessions.     (1E)

Session-1 (presentations)     (1E1)

  • 9:24 - 10:09 Keynote on GeoSpatial Semantics: John Bateman (via webcast) Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Bremen - [     (1E3)

slides ] . [ audio] . [ see SocopworkshopSummaries for a summary on this presentation from notes by Gary Berg-Cross ]     (1E4)

  • 10:09 �� 10:45 Controlled Vocabulary applied to the SDI and FEA Geospatial Profile Domain, Doug Nebert - [ slides ] . [ audio ]     (1E5)
  • 11:00 ��11:30 Leveraging the OGC Reference Model (ORM) Mark E. Reichardt President & CEO, [[OpenGeoSpatial]] Consortium, Inc. - [ [ slides] ] . [ audio ]     (1E7)
  • 10:36- 12:09 TC 211 work item - 2162 Geographic Information, Jean Brodeur (via Webcast) - [ slides ] . [ audio ]     (1E8)
  • 12:30 - 12:50 Integrated GeoSpatial Demonstrations Oceans Semantic Mediator - Luis Bermudez, Southeastern Universities Research Association - [ [ slides] ] . [ audio ]     (1E10)
  • 12:50 �� 1:40 Lunch and Networking - On your Own, Demonstrations and Posters in breakout rooms     (1E11)
  • 1:43 �� 1:04 Update on the Open GeoSpatial Ontology Repository Mike Dean, BBN Technology (via Webcast)with intro from Gary Berg-Cross running the slides - [ slides ] . [ audio ]     (1E12)
  • 2:04 �� 2:22 A Summary of the 2009 Terra Cognita Workshop, Dave Kolas, BBN, Nancy Wiegand, University of Wisconsin, - [ [ slides] ] . [ audio ]     (1E13)

Session-2 - Roundtable Discussions (2:00-3:30pm):     (1E14)

  • Discussion Group-2:     (1E16)
    • Follow up to a Neo Geo session Vo Camp activity in DC being held after ISWC to develop a small, core, lightweight set of vocabularies based on neo geography     (1E16A)

See SocoproundtableVocamp_national_map_summary_notes for a summary.     (1E17)

Audio archives     (1G)

For more information, contact the SOCoP Executive Secretary - Dr. Gary Berg-Cross via email to: gbergcross [at]     (1G5)

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