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Roger J. Sippl     (1)

Roger J. Sippl     (1A)

Co-Founder and Chairman     (1B)

Above All Software, Inc.     (1C)

Redwood City, California, USA.     (1D)

Roger Sippl, the founder and Chairman of Above All Software, is a software visionary with over 25 years of senior operations and chief executive experience.     (1E)

His first start-up success was founding Informix Software in 1980. Under his direction, Informix pioneered SQL relational databases, 4GL application development tools, and OLTP database technology. Acquired for $1B by IBM in 2001, Informix grew to become a leading provider of RDBMS technology with more than 100,000 customers world-wide.     (1F)

After Informix, Roger became co-founder and chairman of The Vantive Corporation, a CRM leader and successful public company which now forms part of the Oracle family of applications following their acquisition of PeopleSoft. He also founded Visigenic Software, and in the 1990¬ís helped shape the rapidly growing application server market.     (1G)

Roger is also known in Silicon Valley as a successful venture capitalist having invested privately in several successful software companies, including Illustra (acquired by Informix), Broadvision, SupportSoft and Red Pepper (acquired by PeopleSoft).     (1H)

Roger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.     (1I)

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