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OpenOntologyRepository_Architecture: Ideas, Candidates, Proposals and References From BioPortal     (1)

Ideas, Candidates, Proposals     (1A)

References     (1B)

Update: BioPortal architecture (reversed engineered from Build3253, circa Nov-2011)     (1B5)

High Level BioPortal Architecture Diagram     (1C)

NCBO BioPortal Core - UML Model     (1D)

The UML model for the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) BioPortal Core code in HTML can be found at This model was reversed engineered from NCBO BioPortal code downloaded on or about 3 March 2009.     (1D1)

The next two diagrams provide a quick overview     (1D2)

BioPortal Core - UML Core Packages     (1E)

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