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Ontology Summit 2014 Communique: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology" - Draft Workspace     (1)

1. Introduction, Scope, Motivation     (1A2)

2. Sharable and Reusable Ontologies (primary contributions from Track A)     (1A3)

  • a) What is the range of semantic content that is being used on the Web? e.g. from vocabularies to formally axiomatized ontologies     (1A4)
  • b) What ontologies available/being used/required?     (1A5)
  • c) Where can we find this content? e.g. LOV, ontology repositories     (1A6)

3. Using Ontologies in Big Data and the Semantic Web (primary contributions from Track B and Track D)     (1A7)

  • a) How is the semantic content being used/shared/reused?     (1A8)
  • b) What is the role of ontologies in these applications?     (1A9)

4. Barriers and Bottlenecks (primary contributions from Track C)     (1A10)

  • a) What are the barriers to use/sharing/reuse of existing semantic content?     (1A11)
  • b) What are the barriers to developing the semantic content that is required?     (1A12)

5. Conclusions and Recommendations     (1A13)

Working Draft (on google-docs)     (1A14)

Published Version     (1C)

Version Snapshots     (1C2)

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